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Politicians discussing global warming Isaac Cordal


Living like a spinning wheel, like a competitive spirit, where high awareness is prevailing. Awareness that gives the power to choose, that leads to free choices. We should never be caught up in the dark, because sighted hearts have the upper hands. We must rise above all illusions with only …

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Art By Wiesław Wałkuski

What kind of a mask are you fishing for today?!

Each human has more than one mask to pick from upon circumstances they face in everyday life. Some people if wearing fear they put a protection mask, others if wearing pride they pick that ego mask, and if somebody is wearing wickedness they would go for the evil mask, while …

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I do not know and I am not sure, if  I am a risk-taker, even if related to a person who is a heart-breaker. Is it me laughing in the face of limitations, or guided by my obsessions and sensations. One thing I am sure of, that I am addicted …

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Art By Pawel Kuczynski

Feed my hunger before trying to feed my brain!

Do we see what we need to see? OR our imagination simply attracts what we feel!! It is said, one apple a day keeps the doctor away. But I say, a bit of humanity in any way would help so many to survive the day! We need to feed our …

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By John V. Wilhelm

Sometimes nature sends us messages in disguise!

Just imagine that a piece of rust steel and a hard rock could be a wakeup call for us to see what might be our hearts and souls on the inside! Nowadays and most of the time in our everyday life we forget to be kind, compassionate, and humane. We …

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What a joy!

When innocence speaks, the crown is a flowery beauty. And when the seed is original, light always sheds a dreamy moment on something alive, carries only purity. That is where a lucid feeling of peace prevails, to cover angels in their wondrous world. And to help sailing their sweet dreams …

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Angelic whisper

A soulful whisper that changes the heart, it is almost faster than light. Like a wind of change strikes the space, leaves a sacred aura on the face. It turns the deep silence into a heartbeat, and the nothingness into a miraculous lead. O whisper, the gentle breeze, now I …

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Beyond boundaries

Before I turn to the outside with choice, I rise in and listen to the inner voice. To the whispers of the spirit when calling, sounds of the soul when tuning. Own voice could be music to the heart, could be rhythm to the ears and other parts, I bind …

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I dream big … Ain’t no stopping me now!

Seeking a natural common connection to recognize the equal status. Longing for an adventure and novel opportunities in the game of life. Being a dreamer in a carnival ride of a free soul and a free spirit opened a way beyond all boundaries to the deep heart of me and …

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