Albert György

Albert György was born in 1949 in Lueta, Romania (Transylvania, a region with a Hungarian minority). The sculptor’s career is marked by a double human and artistic adventure, which has always been a sort of tension between contrary aspirations.

Romania and Switzerland. In Romania, the birth in Transylvania, belonging to the Hungarian minority suffering discrimination. This does not prevent him to follow the official artistic teaching, to win many distinctions, to make national and international exhibitions. At the end of his studies in Bucharest, he was able to return to settle in Satu-Mare, where the air is a little more breathable.

He creates his own foundry, to obtain the best bronze quality. But despite his travels abroad for his exhibitions in Warsaw, Berlin, ex-Yugoslavia, Chile, he lives in isolation, sadness. His first wife dies, he has no connection with Romania. He enjoys an exhibition in Geneva to settle in Switzerland. This is the second slope of his life. He will finally be able to enjoy freedom.

It’s a new start, difficult but dazzling. His job, he knows him thoroughly. He practices bronze better than anyone. He has developed a personal alloy of copper and tin which makes it possible to obtain a bronze that is both supple and solid, creating astonishing shades of the patina when it is oxidized, and of a brilliant color when he is polite.

If one’s style evolves sensitively, because one’s vision is amplified, decanted, freed from constraints. In Romania, he could act as a daring artist, but his works reflected the weight of life, the past and also various influences: the most fruitful as those of Brancusi and Moore, and then those, heavy, middle.

In Switzerland, after a period of adaptation, his art turns resolutely towards the future. From stylized figuration and goldsmithery, his sculptural language is oriented towards the monumental, toward architecture.

Romanian Artist Sculpture by Artist Albert György (Gyorgy)
Romanian Artist Sculpture by Artist Albert György (Gyorgy)


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Albert György’s work illustrates the tension between character and emotion. Nothing is acquired, nothing comes automatically, creation is a struggle, both material and spiritual. If today his works reflect a new impetus, they remain marked by a pathetic temperament, by an ardent sensitivity. This one is undoubtedly more attentive, today, with the alive energies of our time, captured and reflected with acuity.

But the material brings the noble testimony of the unity of György’s approach, faithful to bronze. […]

In its complexity and diversity, the visionary art of Albert György testifies to a personal dialectic between suffering and happiness. Nothing decorative or talkative in this game of creative tension leading to a living alloy, imbued with the purest necessity.

P. Hugli

Many sculptures are exhibited in various state museums as well as in private collections in Romania, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, former Yugoslavia. Hungary and Switzerland.

Sublime Sculpture By Romanian Artist Albert György