14 Sublime Paintings By Chinese Artist Guan Zeju 关则驹


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Guan Zeju

There are a lot of bloggers who copy the same paintings images without filtering it, they mixed other artist paintings with Guan Zeju paintings. Although the painting technique, colors, brush strokes are way different, they still just copy and paste without noticing it. I did my best here to show only Guan Zeju paintings. Please advise me if you found any mistaken paintings.

I found this writing on russian blog and I like what they wrote, I wish I can see his paintings in real.

Artist Guan Zeju is a Chinese world-class artist and recognition. For the first time I saw his work in a personal printed catalog about three years ago. I was impressed by his paintings masterpieces.

Now I’ve found electronic versions of his works on the web, and I post it on my blog. Their average quality indicates that it’s scans from that album. And I must say that in print they looked better … From a small list of genres of the section of painting I will place these works in the subsection “Portrait”. Although, the work is more suitable for figurative painting. But I do not have such a section.

Guan Zeju was born in 1941 in China, in the province of Guangdong. Since childhood he was a prodigy child in the field of fine arts. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Guangzhou, the oil painting department. In 1957, he held his first solo exhibition, it exhibited about a hundred works: oil paintings, drawings of charcoal and watercolors.

In 1961, Guan Zeju enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1966 he graduated and received a diploma in “oil painting artist”. In the biography of that period it is said that the creative talent of the artist grew and polished in constant hard work and study.

His further life is connected with constant exhibitions, traveling around the world, in connection with the invitations of various academies. He also worked on orders of famous museums around the world. In his free time, he again stubbornly persevered, perfected himself.

Soon he entered the Academy of Arts of Guangzhou, in graduate school. Further successfully defends the thesis, writes and reads lectures, holds numerous exhibitions. Everywhere he is accompanied by success, numerous awards … Collections of hundreds of paintings by Guan Zeju Chinese art experts call the national wealth of China.

Now he is a senior artist of the Art Institute of Guangzhou, and is also a member of the Union of Artists of China. Next, list in which associations, he still will not, because there are too many of them, and very few people are interested.

An artist lives in the USA, where he continues to successfully combine in his work the artistic and cultural past of China with the images and culture of our time.