23 Watercolor Paintings by Chinese Artist Sun Jiangang 孙建刚


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Artist Sun Jiangang #wooarts

Sun Jiangang ( 孙建刚 ), male, born in 1972 in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. Graduated from the fine arts department of shanxi normal university. His main special of painting in oil and watercolor, and pen drawing/painting.

  • Member of China Artists Association.
  • Signature member of the American Watercolor Association (AWS).
  • Member of the Artists Association of the Hong Kong Arts Federation.
  • Chairman of the brushwork committee and vice chairman of the oil painting committee of Hong Kong international painting court.
  • IWS International Watercolor Association and IWS Member of Canada.
  • Member of Taiwan World Watercolor Alliance.
  • Director of China Pen and Painting Union.