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Arthur Braginsky Painting

Arthur Braginsky born on June 25, 1965 in Mukachevo. In 1982 graduated from Mukachevo art school. Later studied in Lviv I. Fedorov polygraphic Institute. Since 1987 to 1989 has been working as a lights artist in regional philharmonic (Uzhgorod), later, in Russian dramatic theater as a decorator -properties artist.

He works as a decorator in a Russian dramatic theater. Here is his gallery of beautiful paintings in oil on canvas. The artist works in different styles and genres – nude, landscapes, portraits, and abstract art. According to Arthur Braginsky, painting the future, above all, will be considered from the standpoint of balance and stylistic spiritual harmony.

The answers are obvious. There are also some strong financial and institutional forces propping up modernist art. Unlike real art which takes a lot of time and effort to create and which is rather self-explanatory in its meaning, modern “art” can be produced quickly and cheaply without any talent or preparation, and even more importantly, it can’t exist without a sizable population of critics and experts who “explain” the work to everyone else.

In the world of modern “art” the role of the marketing channel and the official experts is much inflated and it should be no surprise that they would prefer “art” in which their contribution is essential and in which the contribution of the artist is minimized. Furthermore, when it comes to filling customer orders, which would be most financially beneficial?

A case where a long waiting list of customers develops and the artist can only crank out a single work in months, or the case where he could create twenty in an afternoon?

Now, some people attribute the whole development of modernism to this factor, but I do not. I think it is a relatively minor one since the same pressures were evident in ancient times and nothing like modernism ever developed. People have to be prepared to accept nonsense before they will allow themselves to be taken in by this kind of business practice.

Ukrainian Artist Arthur Braginsky Painting
Ukrainian Artist Arthur Braginsky Painting

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In the past few centuries a great deal of social progress has come in the West as a result of the casting down of authority figures and powerful institutions. FIrst, the Catholic Church was removed from its dominant role in Europe. Later the monarchies were de fanged or eliminated throughout Europe.


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