Antonio Sgarbossa

Antonio Sgarbossa is an Italian Postwar & Contemporary painter. He was born in Fontana Viva, Italy, the 18th of July 1945. He started to use oil colors when he was really young. Later, his parents decided to send him to study in a workshop the technique of painting pot dishes. He started his artistic career at the age of twelve, attending an artistic ceramics workshop in Bassano.

He is well-known for his sublime work in the figurative style. In 1971 he moved to Nouchatel, in Switzerland, where he lived for a few years. He merged with a group of European artists, he dedicated his full time to an art studio, named the “La Soffitta” (Attic) and he was first recognized for his work.

He returned to Italy in 1976 and opened his own ceramic art studio. In 1978 he had his first important art exhibition at the Galleria del Fiore, with personal and collective paintings from various towns in Italy and Switzerland.

“In art we look for something that is beyond our normal vision, as almost a reflection of ourselves.”

It is the rather mysterious side that appears, with all the emotions and the thrills of the soul. Sgarbossa’s painting invites us to look beyond. What does it represent? It is up to us to use our imagination to find out, with the clues given to us by the painter.

Inside, we see in the background, a dark but bright landscape which changes color.

It is certain that we are in front of an organism: which is something that lives its own coherent life. Sgarbossa started from the neodadist idea of decoupage, that is to say from stratas of posters and old photographs.

Italian Artist Antonio Sgarbossa Painting
Italian Artist Antonio Sgarbossa Painting

What is the meaning of Neo Dadaism?
Neo-Dada was a movement with audio, visual and literary manifestations that had similarities in method or intent with earlier Dada artwork. It sought to close the gap between art and daily life, and was a combination of playfulness, iconoclasm, and appropriation. Nude Painting Gallery

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