Kitty Meijering

Kitty Meijering, born in Alkmaar/1974, studied at the Amsterdam University. At this University she followed a visual arts education, which she completed in 1998. For her last study project she painted namely nude models.

At this moment dance and specifically ballet is the main theme Kitty dedicates her time to. This stunning new series shows paintings of dancers in full movement and emotion. The dancers defined in warm colours seems to dance right of the paintings! You can literally almost hear the music when you watch the dancers.

Another part of her work shows a more abstract style of painting. The paintings are abstract and variated with recognizable elements against a background which often reminds to old streets and weathered walls and houses.

Dutch Artist Kitty Meijering Painting
Dutch Artist Kitty Meijering Painting

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By travelling, Kitty has been inspired with ideas for her paintings. Her ability for creating a mysterious sphere into her work Kitty thanks to a large sense of colour, shapes and use of different kind of materials.