Waleed Yassin

Waleed Yassin is realism painting artist, his portraits stand out from his sublime artistic vision. Yassin’s great selection is a collection of various scenes from the heart of the Egyptian culture and profiles. It is not a hyper-realism but a realism fine art that comes with a unique brush strokes, color palette and different perspective.

Waleed Yassin artworks started to appear in late 2011 and we have been featuring his collection on our social media pages where he still amazes a lot of fine art loving fans and artists as well. We have sold many of his artworks to many of our art collectors and fans across the Middle East and western countries.

If you are looking to collect any of Waleed available paintings, please contact Khaled (Kal) Elsehsah

Egyptian Artist Waleed Yassin Oil Painting
Egyptian Artist Waleed Yassin Oil Painting

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