Tony Parsons

Landscape & Figurative Painting – British Artist

Tony Parsons is a full time artist. He paints every day without fail, attempting every aspect, style and subject in the pursuit of technical excellence. He will often work on the same subject with various techniques and angles until he attains what he considers best.

At the moment about half of Tony’s work is en plein air (outside). He tries to capture an atmosphere, a moment. The workmanship is always urgent and fluid and is an exercise in describing how it feels to be in that place at that moment. His studio work is more thoughtful and generally dispenses with the urgency of making the outdoors a studio.

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Tony worked at sea for many years and still drives the Brighton Lifeboat, so boats are a common theme. He loves the edges, water, mud and sand, and the coast is a never ending inspiration.

Aside from his most important voluntary capacity on the lifeboat, Tony is a man of many talents – he operates a separate business – ‘twisted portraits’ – painting brilliant caricatures of celebs and well-known people, and in 2011, he won the European Caricature Likeness Award (Voted for by 42 professional caricaturists at the Girona Caricature Convention).

Apart from that accolade, very few artists can paint water the way Tony can, so we are thrilled to have his fabulous work in land-locked Rutland!

I paint everything, there isn’t really a theme. I paint en plein air (outside) where possible. I’m obsessed by light and water. I’m not very good at artist’s statements which is odd because I can talk the hind legs off a donkey! I’m game for any projects, collaborations or commissions that promise to be an adventure. Happy to take to the sea or sky to get an unusual view. 

I’m not classically trained (I have a GNVQ in panel beating and bummed around the world as a yacht engineer) but I owe most of my learning to contemporary artists kind enough to give me the odd lesson and load work onto YouTube.

The work of artist Tony Parsons
Probably the finest caricaturist in the UK! Now pursuing a life as landscape and seascape painter. 

British Artist Tony Parsons Oil Painting
British Artist Tony Parsons Oil Painting

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