Justin T. Worrell

Justin T. Worrell: I do not paint landscapes. I paint compromise between the temporal and eternal. I work to this effect through atmospheric, moody, and sublime images that are typically derived from my imagination.

​While working toward a picture’s resolution, I conjure amorphous and semi-abstract forms constituted by intense light. It is this light that acts as a causeway between the temporal and the eternal spirit.

In contrast to my Tonalist forebears, my pictures represent a modern expressive school of Tonalism. My pictures are frequently finished in one sitting, but occasionally a revisit is required to fully resolve the picture. My primary artistic influences include George Inness, J.M.W. Turner, and Dennis Sheehan.

Justin T. Worrell is a Virginia-based Tonalist landscape artist. An oil painter, Justin applies paint thinly and uses a dry brush technique to create dreamy atmospheric contemporary Tonalist works to find compromise between the temporal and eternal realms hoping to arrive at a heightened spiritual existence.

Justin’s interest in art began early in his life. He fondly recalls sitting beside his grandmother in her home studio asking questions and observing the craft firsthand. Largely painting as a hobby, and when time would allow, Justin began more formal training as an oil painter around 2014. At this time, he began studying at the Art League in Alexandria, VA with local artists under the tutelage of Mike Francis. Given his great zeal for American Tonalism, Justin quickly found inspiration from Dennis Sheehan and has attended workshops and study sessions with the Tonalist Master in his studio in Manchester, NH.

American Artist Justin T. Worrell Painting
American Artist Justin T. Worrell Painting

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Justin is a juried member of the Oil Painters of America and an Exhibiting Member with the Art League. His work is exhibited and collected both nationally and regionally in the Mid-Atlantic area and he has received several awards recognizing the merit of his work. 

Aside from art, Justin deeply enjoys Seattle Seahawk football, anything having to do with French history and culture, and has a fine collection of American comic books. He currently resides in Springfield, VA with his wife Janessa, their two children Arden and Turner, dog Pinot, and cat Sadie



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