Mia Bergeron

“I truly believe each artist works and learns differently. We are taught from a young age to draw within the lines, to start with a more linear approach. My hope with this workshop is to show another way, a way that veers into a place of exploration, curiosity, and surprises. I like to think of my technique as a sort of “free- fall”, where time allows for those intuitive marks to come to the surface. This method of painting is basically the opposite of alla-prima painting; there is no need to get everything correct from the start. What unfolds when we allow for this exploratory mindset is this beautifully textured and layered tapestry of time and decisions on a canvas.” – Mia Bergeron

Mia Bergeron’s interest in art was cultivated early on, beginning with continuous exposure to visual works through her parents’ graphic design firm in New York City. In 1998, Mia studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. After taking foundational courses at RISD, Mia decided to pursue a more traditional education. In 2002-2005, Mia studied and taught at The Charles H. Cecil Studio in Florence, Italy.

The Cecil Studio is a small private painting atelier primarily focused on the naturalistic tradition of such artists as Van Dyck, Velasquez, and John Singer Sargent. In May 2007, she was a national finalist for the American Artist Magazine Cover competition. In 2010, she was named one of the “Top 21 Artists Under 31 Years Old To Be Collected Now” by SouthWest Art Magazine.

American Artist Mia Bergeron Painting
American Artist Mia Bergeron Painting

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Her painting “Disperse” won both a Certificate of Excellence at the Portrait Society of America’s International Competition, and for Artistic Excellence in SouthWest Art Magazine’s annual competition in 2013. She has served as adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and is a member of the nationally- recognized group Women Painting Women. Mia’s hope is to use her abilities not only share her views through painting, but also to help bring visibility to other female painters.

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