Jacob Dhein

In my recent series of paintings I employ a variety of contemporary and traditional techniques to create a visual experience to entice the observer. One of my goals is to have the paintings possess an abstract quality when viewed at a proximity of 3-5 feet, but as the observer steps back the painting becomes more representational.

This in turn makes the process of paint application an important part of the whole. I achieve this by using a variety of tools including a brush, palette knife, brayer, and squeegee. There is a visual map in many of the works that allows the viewer to see my process. This is especially evident in my paintings of dancers. From the initial toning of the panel to the last mark, the viewer is able to see the process upon close inspection.

My paintings consist of two different subject matters, figurative/portrait and cityscape, painted in a similar style by using the same applications although to different degrees. The figure/portrait part of the series allows me to concentrate primarily on the human form devoid of the complex surrounding environment.

This enables me to use the background as an abstract area in which the figure/portrait can be deconstructed, distancing the boundaries of true representation. My second subject matter consists of a series of cityscapes. In these paintings the background is complex and shadow areas have little to no detail. With both, areas of interest are fragmented to different degrees giving a sense of movement to the figure and busy city life.

American Artist Jacob Dhein Painting
American Artist Jacob Dhein Painting

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By breaking up some of these areas it is my goal to entertain the eye of observer by using a variety of deconstructed areas in contrast to smooth areas. This in turn creates a sense a rhythm and harmony throughout the composition keeping the viewer engaged.

As this series progresses, I want to push the boundaries of fragmented areas into solid blocks of color and integrate other media to explore the limits between representation, abstraction and multimedia.

While the representation of the subject will have some reference, it is my goal to explore the beauty that lies within the division between representation and abstraction. It will be my take on a modern impressionism using the figure and cityscape as the building blocks of this contemporary genre.


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