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Painting by Artist Ryo Shiotani

Ryo Shiotani 塩谷 亮  Figurative painter “I paint realist paintings because I can make new discoveries as I thoroughly look at my subject. That is enjoyable”. Award winning* Japanese painter Ryo Shiotani 塩谷 亮 was born in Tokyo. After graduating from Musashino Art University, Ryo Shiotani spent one year studying in Florence on an Agency for Cultural Affairs scholarship, where he had a chance to copy the works of Leonardo da Vinci*.

He acquired the classical techniques of Western painting and has made them the basis for his works.
When he paints female figures or still-lifes, his creativity starts from searching for the objects that he feels are close to his life-size self and then finding reality in them.

1975 Born in Tokyo
1998 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Art and Design, Oil Painting Department
2008 Agency for Cultural Affairs New Artist Overseas Trainee (-2009 Florence, Italy)
2010 Part-time Lecturer at Musashino Art University (-present)
2011 Part-time Lecturer at Nagaoka University of Art and Design (-present)
2018 Kyushu Visiting professor of the Faculty of Arts, Sangyo University (up to present)

Affiliations, academic societies, etc.
2003 Member of the Japan Artists Federation (up to present)
2009 Member of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan (up to present)
2012 Member of Nikikai (up to present)
2019 Preservation of cultural properties Restoration Society member ( -present )

Major solo exhibitions
2002 Ryo Shioya oil painting (Ginza Matsuzakaya)
2004 Ryo Shioya exhibition ( Saihodo gallery, Nagoya Matsuzakaya, Osaka Takashimaya, Okayama Takashimaya, Gifu Takashimaya)
2008 Tranquil light Shioya Ryo oil painting Exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2010 Shioya Akiraten (ART FAIR TOKYO 2010 SaiOtoriDo booth)
2010 Agency for Cultural Affairs overseas dispatch training report Exhibition (SaiOtoriDo Gallery)
2017 Shioya Akiraten – the hidden lyricism in the blink of an eye required Te (Bunkamura Gallery)

Group Exhibitions
1998 52nd Niki Exhibition Encouragement Prize (Exhibited every year for 99, 2001 Encouragement Prize, 03 Doujin Nomination , 12 Membership Nomination )
1999 Tama Shusaku Art Exhibition (Ome City Museum of Art)
2001 Aikijukai Exhibition (Saihodo Gallery since
2001 ) 2001 Vuir Exhibition (Spring Wind Cave Gallery, up to 2015 every year)
2001 Tobi Art Fair (Tokyo Art Club, Spring Wind Cave Gallery Booth, exhibited in 2006)
2003 Contemporary Western Painting Elite Artist Exhibition (Nagoya Matsuzakaya, exhibited in 2006, 07, 10 years)
2003 WAYS Exhibition Akira Mizuno x Ryo Shiotani (Hanada Art)
2004 Special Prize for Dutch Art Prize Exhibition (Old Town Hall in Kelkraard)
2005 Miniature Exhibition (Saihodo Gallery since 2012 until
2006 ) 2006 LIONCEAUX Toshihide of Modern Western Painting thereafter every year until 2015)
2006 Invisible man (GALLERY Kogure, Nagoya Matsuzakaya head office)
2007 Kanji Maeda Grand Prize Exhibition (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Kurayoshi Museum since 2018 exhibition)
2007 NOUVELLES AILES art of today Exhibition Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2007 fall of footsteps Collection Exhibition (Machiko Hasegawa Art Museum)
2010 creation 21 century Exhibition from the 10th tradition (Tokyo Art Club after every year)
2010 Aesthetics of Existence (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Osaka Takashimaya, Date City)
2010 Neo Realism-Air of a New Era-(Bunkamura Gallery)
2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Auction Today’s Art Exhibition (Tokyo Art Club)
2011 Beauty of Existence (Hoki Museum of Art) )
2012 DOMANI · tomorrow Exhibition (National Museum)
2013 our horizon (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi)
2013 painter of eyes Realism paintings in the world (Toingakuen Memorial Academy Umm)
exhibition 2014 “Small Collections” by Gallery Suchi (Hoki Museum after every year )
2016 In the year of the Olympics, a new exhibition by artists from the Ministry of Culture (Tokyo Art Club, New National Theater)
2017 Contemporary realism-beyond images (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
2018  Contemporary Japanese Realism(MEAM Museum of Modern Art, Europe)
2019 Four Artists -Resonance- (Art Fair Tokyo 2019 Spring Wind Tunnel Booth)

Books and Dissertations
2004 Ryo Shioya 2000-2004 (Saihodo)
2009 The Italian Renaissance Painting the change of color surface boundary and spatial structure (the Agency for Cultural Affairs overseas training report)
2010 Agency for Cultural Affairs overseas training report exhibition catalog (SaiOtoriDo)
Verrocchio workshop operation by the 2012 replication “baptism of Christ” study of (Musashino Art University research Bulletin No .42)
2015 Oil Painting Light and Darkness and Techniques (Co-author / Graphic Publishing)
2017 Ryo Shioya Art Collection (Gyuryudo)
2019 Painting Composition When Paints Begin to Talk (Co-author / Musashino Art University Press)

Other Activities
2010 Kagoshima City Museum of Art Lecture “Pictures drawn with classical techniques”
2010 Appeared in BS Nippon Television “Blabura Museum / Museum”
2011 Yokohama Museum of Art Workshop “Charm of drawing”
2016 NHK Sunday Museum Appeared in “The Temptation of Cranach”

Public Collection
Hoki Museum Sano City Yoshizawa Memorial Museum Machiko Hasegawa Art Museum

Ryo SHIOTANI was born on November 12, 1975, in Tokyo. According to his mother, even as a child he was very good at colored-pencil drawings. He was at Meiji Gakuin Junior and Senior High School.

While in the Junior High, he belonged to the art club, when his teacher found his outstanding painting talent in him. He went on to Musashino Art University to study oil paintings seriously and enhance his own skills. While still in college, little was known about him in art gallery circles, when it was very happy that we were one of the first galleries which found him excellently talented in oil paintings.

Two years after graduating from university, he held a big solo exhibit in one of the department store at Ginza, which was an unprecedented news in Japanese art world at that time. Since then he has held many big solo exhibitions all over Japan.

His works and his way of painting have been introduced on the leading art magazines many times, getting much attention, and he also made a guest appearance on the popular TV Art Program in 2016.

In June, 2017 he issued “The Works of Ryo Shiotani”, the first edition of his own selection of paintings which was published by Kyuryudo Co., Ltd., the biggest art publisher in Japan, while as that publication memorial, his solo exhibition was held at Bunkamura Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Japanese Artist Ryo Shiotani Oil Painting
Japanese Artist Ryo Shiotani Oil Painting

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