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Ryo Shiotani 塩谷 亮  Figurative painter “I paint realist paintings because I can make new discoveries as I thoroughly look at my subject. That is enjoyable”. Award winning* Japanese painter Ryo Shiotani 塩谷 亮 was born in Tokyo. After graduating from Musashino Art University, Ryo Shiotani spent one year studying in Florence on an Agency for Cultural Affairs scholarship, where he had a chance to copy the works of Leonardo da Vinci*.

He acquired the classical techniques of Western painting and has made them the basis for his works.
When he paints female figures or still-lifes, his creativity starts from searching for the objects that he feels are close to his life-size self and then finding reality in them.

While in the Junior High, he belonged to the art club, when his teacher found his outstanding painting talent in him. He went on to Musashino Art University to study oil paintings seriously and enhance his own skills. While still in college, little was known about him in art gallery circles, when it was very happy that we were one of the first galleries which found him excellently talented in oil paintings.

Two years after graduating from university, he held a big solo exhibit in one of the department store at Ginza, which was an unprecedented news in Japanese art world at that time. Since then he has held many big solo exhibitions all over Japan.

His works and his way of painting have been introduced on the leading art magazines many times, getting much attention, and he also made a guest appearance on the popular TV Art Program in 2016.

Japanese Artist Ryo Shiotani Oil Painting
Japanese Artist Ryo Shiotani Oil Painting

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In June, 2017 he issued “The Works of Ryo Shiotani”, the first edition of his own selection of paintings which was published by Kyuryudo Co., Ltd., the biggest art publisher in Japan, while as that publication memorial, his solo exhibition was held at Bunkamura Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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