Maxmilian Ciccone

Maxmilian Ciccone was born forty years ago in the beautiful mountainous region of Calabria, near Catanzaro. As a child, was evident his artistic inclination which later led him to study art at the Liceo Artistico of Catanzaro.

Without ay further education, his art career has continued to grow steadily. His intense passion for art lead him to study painters of the past, such as: Caravaggio, Shishkin and Kramskoy. Their influence, inspired Maxmilian over the following years to experience en plain-air landscape painting, developping a deeper pictorial sensitivity.

Maxmilian Ciccone practices live painting, pursuing to seize the air and moods of the moment, thus inviting the viewer to feel and enter into the same emotions. He believes that this continual quest, by definition, is the most difficult, but most effective training needed to become an excellent painter.

According to Maxmilian, painting is a talent that comes from God. It’s an impulse to create with our hands something that come sto life from nothing. Painting is a vibrant and life-filled expression, a parallel dimension to our reality, able to capture a fragment of life perpetuating it timelessly.

Being fascinated by the expressivness of a portrait, the harmony of a landscape or by the history behind a scene give us a chance to bring back to life events of the past and to appreciated life’s value. A painting enters history and remains in history, recounting memories that will last forever throughout the generations. Over the years he participated to individual and collective exhibitions in different placese in Italy, such as: Catanzaro, Cosenza, and Arezzo.

Currently, Max lives with his family in Montevarchi, a vibrant Tuscan town near Arezzo. There, h paints full time asserting his name in the arena of italian art. In an increasing way, his painting are more and more adorning the house of private collectors who have discovered in Maxmilian Ciccone a new artist whose art is well worth investing.

Maxmilian Ciccone Italian Artist
Maxmilian Ciccone Italian Artist

Artworks, A Glance into Italian Realism

“The genius of this young painter is found in the ability to put into coexistence a number of contrasting elements. Nature and the things that populate the paintings of Maxmilian Ciccone are presented to the eye of the viewer as details of reality; receiving new life from the canvas that hosts them which spirituality is all based on the essence of pictorial material”.


Maxmilian Maxmilian Ciccone was born in 1972 in Catanzaro. He spent his childhood and youth in a small mountain village: Tiriolo, at the foot of the Sila Mountains in Calabria.

From an early age, his propensity for drawing was evident, a passion that he cultivated continuously until he graduated from the Catanzaro Art School.

However, his self-taught artistic career and his passion for art led him to carefully study the painters of the past, developing his artistic skills through oil painting.


At the age of 21, the artist converted to Christianity, which led him to a profound experience of faith.

The latter brings about a real change in Maxmilian’s inner and moral life; radically transforming his perception of life and art.
Just as he was fascinated by the expressive power of Caravaggio’s light as a child, he later continued his interest in the study of different Italian and foreign schools of the past.

Fascinated at first by French academicism and attracted by the great painters of Russian realism, he deepened his interest in the tradition of Neapolitan painting from which he was greatly fascinated and influenced; at a particular time when he was particularly close to the city of Naples for work.


In particular, these painting movements such as Realism and Verism made him discover the importance of painting from life and how decisive this was in the growth of pictorial expressiveness; this research consists of capturing the moment by capturing a scenery and transferring onto canvas the sensations experienced at that particular moment by striking the vibrant feelings that are felt in nature. 

Over the years, he has participated in several individual and group exhibitions in Italian cities such as Catanzaro, Cosenza, Arezzo and, in 2017, he was at the Florence Biennale.

He currently lives in Tuscany and has recently established his new studio in the centre of Florence, where he paints and carries on his school teaching project.

His works are enjoying increasing success, becoming more and more established on the international art scene.

Maxmilian Ciccone Italian Artist
Maxmilian Ciccone Italian Artist

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