Aaron Griffin

As of my last update in September 2021, Aaron Griffin is an accomplished and highly talented artist, primarily known for his exceptional digital art and concept designs. He has gained significant recognition and a dedicated following within the art community, particularly on social media platforms where he shares his artwork and creative process.

Aaron Griffin’s art style is characterized by its breathtaking attention to detail, vivid colors, and imaginative subjects. He often explores fantastical themes, bringing to life enchanting worlds, epic characters, and awe-inspiring creatures. His ability to blend realism with imaginative elements makes his art captivating and evocative, drawing viewers into the realms he creates.

While information about his personal background and life might be limited, his work has spoken volumes about his passion and dedication to the craft. He has likely spent countless hours honing his skills and pushing the boundaries of digital art, as evident in the quality and depth of his creations.

In addition to his personal projects, Aaron Griffin has also collaborated with various studios, game developers, and publishers, providing concept art and illustrations for video games, books, and other media. His work has had a significant influence on the visual development of these projects and has contributed to the success of many ventures in the entertainment industry.

As with many artists who garner substantial online followings, Aaron Griffin’s art has undoubtedly inspired a new generation of digital artists. Many aspiring creatives look up to him for guidance and motivation, learning from his techniques and artistic journey.

It’s important to note that the art world is constantly evolving, and new developments may have occurred since my last update in 2021. To stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments regarding Aaron Griffin’s art, I recommend checking out his official website, social media accounts, or reputable art news sources.

Aaron Griffin Painting - British Digital Artist
Aaron Griffin PaintingBritish Digital Artist


Aaron Griffin is an illustrator and concept artist based in London. His work has a beautifully textured and expressive style to it, and many of his beautiful portraits could easily be mistaken for oil paintings! He also has a set of free brushes, which are some of the best we know!


Thank you so much for all your continuous support (and patience… I know I have not done enough personal painting in a long time) it truly means a hell of a lot! 🙂

I uploaded a time-lapse for this painting which you can watch using the YouTube link below. If you wish to see every bit of the process then this is a full length MP4 video totalling 3.5 hours. You can watch all the mark-making in real time and see all of my mistakes too.

– Almost 5GB download size so its a little hefty!


Timelapse – 


This video has not been narrated and has no music. I’d recommend playing some of your favorite music, podcasts, tv shows etc. (if you are like me and need a bit of background noise). I will also attach the reference for this study so if you have the means to see both video and reference on screen together… that should help demonstrate the areas I am trying to understand and translate on the “canvas”.

If you have ANY troubles at all… please let me know!

Thank you all so much again and have a wonderful day! 🙂


Illustrator and concept artist working in the games industry.

– Concept Artist and Illustrator
– Disney, EA, Creative Assembly, Games Workshop
– Brushes/videos/art

Concept Artist at The Walt Disney Company
November 2020 – Present
United Kingdom
Producing Concept and Key Art for the Costume Department on non disclosed project.


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