Roberto Andreoli

R. Andreoli was born in March 1955 in Mirandola in the province of Modena.

Since he was a child he cultivated the art of painting followed by his father Alberto, a painter for pleasure, who, through the technique of oil painting, instilled in him the first rudiments on the use of color, perspective and anatomy but, above all , made him participate in the fascination of free and spontaneous artistic expression through the analysis of contemporary painting.

Andreoli’s interest in painting is not separated from his passion for music, for which he will deepen his knowledge by attending the Bologna conservatory and then moving to Piedmont where he will finish his studies in Turin.
His first personal exhibition dates back to 1978 at the “Galleria Silvia” in Bra.

It was in this period that Andreoli began to participate in various impromptu painting competitions and national competitions, achieving success with the public and critics. Numerous awards have been received, especially in the field of impromptu painting: first with the oil technique and later with watercolor, a style that is particularly congenial to him due to its transparency and immediacy.
From ’78 to today he has made several solo exhibitions, participated in numerous collective exhibitions around the world and held various courses and workshops in various Italian and foreign cities.

Numerous paintings by him are present in public and private collections throughout Italy and in numerous countries around the world. From 1980 to 2019 he was a teacher of music education in public school, alternating with teaching, the activity of concert performer and conductor, without ever neglecting his artistic commitment to painting, which has currently become his priority work. Since 2020 he has been a member of the “Accademia dell’Acquerello di Monza” and since 2018 Ambassador of the “Mondial Art Academia” group.

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