Artist Ku Ya Jen

Artistic Excellence 2018 | Honorable Mention: Ya-Jen Ku

By: Southwest Art | November 15, 2018

What inspired your winning entry?

The blooming flower is always an amazing [vision in] nature that makes me feel joyful. The white flower looks simple and ordinary. However, by expressing multilevel value of the simple white color with subtle differences, I have found refined beauty.

How would you describe your style?

Using a limited palette to simplify the presentation of the subject in a “less is more,” zen atmosphere.

What artists have influenced your work?

The Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, who specialized in still lifes. His paintings inspired me to depict simple subjects with tonal subtlety to release the beauty.

When you’re not painting, what do you enjoy doing?

In addition to painting, my favorite activity is to enjoy music. Different music styles bring me different feelings of colors, light, and shadows together with good memories.

How did you first get interested in art?

A long time ago, in my childhood, I loved to observe the colors of nature. I was deeply attracted to the beautiful colors and shapes of all trees and flowers. In order to catch them, I began to draw what I saw in the countryside with colored pens.

Did you pursue other careers before you became a full-time artist?

I worked as an art director at an animation company.

What inspires you to paint a scene?

The inspiration for my paintings may come from a glimpse of an unexpected angle, light and shadow, or even a graceful flower. All the little beautiful subjects can inspire me to paint.

Art Revolution Taipei, ART 2011~2017 Taipei New Expo Participating Artists
2015 IWS International Top 100 Watercolor Artists Group

Taiwanese Artist Ku Ya Ren Painting
Taiwanese Artist Ku Ya Ren Painting

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Exhibition Honorable Mention 2018 The works were selected for the French THE ART OFWATERCOLOUR watercolor magazine. 2018 Won the Honorary Award of the American Art Excellence Competition, published in Southwest Art Art Magazine 2018 Malaysia International Watercolor Biennale 2019 The Height of Soul, Taiwan ͔͓͓͓͓͓͔ Macao Painter Six Exhibition 2019 “Jushui Talking Pingting” Female Watercolor Figure Exhibition 2019 “Chunhua” “Flower Watercolor Exhibition 2019 Italy Urbinoin and Fabriano Watercolor Carnival Exhibited 2019 In Water Color Taiwan India Watercolor Exchange Exhibition 2019 Shortlisted for International IWS Peru World Watercolor Exchange Exhibition 2019 Peony Watercolor Works, won the 57th full-day art exhibition in Japan. Appreciate the 2019 Shanghai Art Fair