16 Excellent Watercolor Paintings By Indian-Canadian Artist Meeta Dani


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Artist Meeta Dani

Meeta Dani is an internationally renowned award winning Indian watercolor artist who is now based in Burnaby, Canada. She has done post graduation in Computer Science (M.C.A.) and has worked as a senior engineer for over a decade with reputed software companies. She is a completely self-taught artist and specialize painting in hyper-realistic style using watercolors.

Meeta started painting with watercolors from March 2015 onwards and is completely self-taught. Her highly detailed paintings have gained international recognition within a very short span of time. She likes to paint portraits, birds, wildlife, still-life and basically anything which seems challenging to her. Light is an integral part of most of her paintings. She loves using bold colors and creating paintings that are strong and crisp.

Meeta has been selected as one of the grandmasters of fine art around the world in 2017 by the ‘The Grand Masters Of Fine Art’. She is also the author of the book ‘Realistic Watercolor Unleashed’. This is the only book in market for teaching a variety of subjects like blurred backgrounds, fur, feathers, wood, water, skin, and perspective painting on architecture in a photorealistic style using watercolors. Meeta is the founder and president of not-for-profit organization ‘Global Association of Watercolor Artists’ (GAWA).

She founded this organization with a sole purpose to provide an unbiased
international platform for supporting watercolor artists of all levels across 120 countries around the world, to help them grow and advance in their artistic career. She is also a signature member in the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA).

Know more about Meeta and her fantastic works from her website at Meeta Dani Website