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Sofiane Dey was born in 1989 , a graduate of the Regional School of Fine Arts in Batna, Sofiane Dey began exhibiting his works in 2010, before participating in several collective and individual exhibitions in Algeria and abroad. Obtaining in 2013, the 1st price of the meeting of art schools in Sidi Bel-Abbès, followed, in 2014, of the 1st price of the contest of the salon of El Bayadh.

The artist offers us a sought-after work that simply captivates the visitor, these paintings tell a great story about the beauty of heritage, scenes from everyday life that open a door to creativity and imagination. They help the viewer to disconnect from reality and lead him to unleash his imagination for a journey through forms and the harmony of colors.

He seeks through his work a rhythm of proportions and colors, he thus mixes two techniques: knife, brush and oil painting, to push us further in reverie and imagination.

Young visual artist Dey Sofiane, at a preview of an exhibition entitled H’Kaya (A Tale) on Monday, displayed about forty paintings at Aicha-Haddad art gallery in Algiers.

“Aoudatou el Djedda Lil Bet” (Grandmother is Back Home), a work the graduate of the Fine Arts school in Batna (435-km east of Algiers) said he painted after a meeting in the streets of the town.
“I’ve met the woman in Batna on a winter day. She was completely rain-soaked,” said the painter, who expresses his great admiration for orientalists, especially Etienne Dinet.

Algerian Artist Sofiane Dey Painting
Algerian Artist Sofiane Dey Painting

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In his paintings, the 25-year-old young visual artist mainly depicts the alleys of the Algiers Kasbah, women wrapped in haik (traditional veil) and Algeria’s south.

Dey Sofiane has participated since 2010 in several collective exhibitions, winning the first prize of the arts school meeting in 2013, in Sidi Bel-Abbes, and the first prize of El-Bayad show contest in 2014.


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