John Cook

John was born in 1941 in Dallas, Texas and attended school at the University of Texas at Arlington and the Art Center School in Los Angeles, where he received a Bachelor of Professional Arts Degree. John’s canvases are loose and energetic often painted alla prima (in one session) or en plein air (in the open air). He has 8-10 canvases in various states of completion at any given moment, which keeps his work dynamic.

John Cook Finding work as an illustrator, Cook gathered a group of prestigious clients that included American Airlines, CBS, and Disney’s Epcot Center. Cook embarked on his career as a painter in 1990 and has received wide recognition. Cook won recent success in the American Impressionist Society’s 14th Annual National Juried Exhibition, when his painting “Sombrero” took Best in Show.

Cook’s inspiration comes from the beautiful light in nature, which he translates through layers of textured paint creating a rich surface that mimics the scene before him. More important than technique, John’s desire is to create work that elicits an emotional response with the viewer. Cook’s priority above all is his spiritual connection to his Creator and Lord Jesus Christ.

What makes Cook’s work so incredibly appealing to me is that it comes across as being created by one who is absolutely fearless. He does things with a brush and palette knife that I can only achieve in my dreams. What I need to define and explain, he is able to suggest with just a few strokes of the brush. His work is powerful and emotionally charged. Fellow artists love his work for they recognize his amazing talent and his ability to apply paint in such an attractive manner.

American Artist John Cook Bird Painting
American Artist John Cook Bird Painting

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His work is just exciting and inspiring when seen firsthand. I often ask myself, “How does he do that?” Yet, if you were to meet Mr. Cook, you would surely be asking someone, “Is this THE John Cook, the guy that paints all those colorful, bold, amazing paintings?” Your question of course would be justified, for the public John Cook is quiet, low key, and reserved…and that’s what I find so intriguing about him. I’ve just got to know what the deal is with him…so I asked him.

You’ll love this interview and his amazing work. Photos showing the progressive steps of a painting will blow you away.

Here’s Johnny!