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Artist Erwin Mallari

Astonishing Watercolor Paintings by Erwin Mallari

Erwin Mallari was born on November 3, 1979 in Malabon Metro Manila. He is known as a Watercolor artist in the Philippines. Erwin studied at the University of the East College of Fine Arts from 1997 to 2002 in Caloocan.

While pursuing his degree, Erwin decided to work as well, and became a newspaper handler at The Philippine Star in 2000 while schooling as a “free section” student. Later, He was a cleanup artist in an animation studio in the city for less than a year. Eventually, Erwin decided to work full-time and was hired as a propsman in Ever Gotesco, a local shopping mall.

Among his other jobs included being a Minilab operator at Columbia Global Photo Sales Corp. from 2003 to 2006. Also, He worked as a graphic designer at Destileria Limtuaco (2006). And as a graphic/product photographer at Chris Sports (2007-2009). Then a proof reader at Papercon (2009-2011). Later, as a senior graphic operator at Basic Elements Inc. (2011-2014).

Erwin prefers choosing his own subjects. For example, He prefers the freedom of selecting his own composition and own timelines. Erwin captures different places in Metro Manila with his camera or goes to locations and paints there. For that, he has a personal experience with every piece he creates and he likes to paint scenes of the daily life in the city.


In 2011, Erwin decided to pursue a career in painting using oil and water color as his preferred medium. In 2012, he decided to concentrate on using watercolor as his main medium when working on his pieces.

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With his talent in photography and watercolor, Erwin is able to easily capture the daily scenes that make Manila such a vibrant city. He then translates these images onto paper, creating watercolor images as big as 44in x 83in (3.8 ft x 6.11 ft).


Art Circle Gallery is staging a two-man exhibition featuring the seminal works of Erwin Mallari and Alwinder Sarmiento, in celebration of their artistic documentaries of realism through the ages. Entitled, Now and Then: Retrospection and Introspection, this exhibit allows visitors a glimpse of two sides of Manila at the edge of its past and at the start of its future. In Metro Manila Art Circle Gallery, Mandaluyong. November 22, 2014. 

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