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We all know that Jim Carrey is such a great actor, comedian in movies and on stage, but his ubiquitous presence is also in fine art paintings. He displays through his paintings that he is not just an actor but also deep thinker and translate his political view through brush.

In the recent Netflix documentary “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”, you discover that Jim Carrey is way more than just a elastic, rubbery faced funnyman.

The movie canvases large scale abstract works that Carrey has been focusing his attention recently. He portraits a real-life figures, mostly, related to Pres. Trump & right-leaning political figures.

Some of his paintings displays a grotesque figure of Trump tweaking his nipple while enjoying his ice cream, that was pitched to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery as the “official” portrait of No. 45.


Jim Carrey Painting
Jim Carrey Painting

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