Jeffrey T Larson

Jeffrey T Larson was born in 1962 in Two Harbors, Minnesota and grew up in the Twin Cities. Jeffrey has been trained in the manner of the Old Masters at the prestigious Atelier Lack, a studio/school whose traditions and training methods reach back through impressionism and the 19th centuries French academies. He followed his four-year formal training with museum study in the United States and abroad.

Jeffrey T Larson Biography

Jeffrey T Larson is a nationally known artist, recognized particularly for his realist still life, figure and portrait paintings. He was born in Two Harbors, MN on July 19, 1962, and was raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Between 1980 and 1984, Jeffrey Larson was trained in the manner of the Old Masters at Atelier Lack, a studio/school founded by Richard Lack (1928-2009) whose traditions and training methods reach back through Impressionism to 18th century French academies. He deepened his education by studying anatomy at the University of Minnesota (1983), studied the art and history in European museums (1987), and bronze casting and finishing at private foundries (1988).

Jeffrey T. Larson and his wife, Heidi, met when he was the head instructor and assistant director at Atelier LeSuer. He has, since then, painted professionally full-time. Since 1990 they have lived in a renovated school in rural Maple, Wisconsin, where they raised and home-schooled their three children: Brock, McKenzie and Sophia Rose.

Jeffrey T. Larson art has won and placed in multiple national and international competitions, including: American Artist magazine’s Annual Awards 1st Place in 2013, 2012 and 2009; and First, Second, and Third awards in the Art Renewal Center’s International Salons amongst others, and has the distinction of being named a “Living Master”.

In 2011 he was invited to be part of a select group of American and Chinese artist’s whose work toured in both America (The Butler Museum of American Art) and at The World Art Museum in Beijing, China. He has had over twenty One-man exhibitions and has shown in multiple galleries across the nation, placing over 750 works in private collections. Larson is frequently invited to lecture, judge, demonstrate, and consult about traditional techniques and atelier training.

American Artist Jeffrey T Larson Painting
American Artist Jeffrey T Larson Painting

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In the summer of 2016, the Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Duluth is putting together the Exhibit: Jeffrey T. Larson: Classical Realism, his first solo museum exhibition and publication.

Along with being a prolific artist, Jeffrey T. Larson has taught traditional techniques at: Atelier LeSuer, Excelsior, MN (1984-86); the University of Minnesota (1986); and Atelier Lack (1983-85, 2010-15).

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