23 Hyper-realistic Paintings by Italian Artist Gioacchino Passini


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Artist Gioacchino Passini

The Paintings of Gioacchino Passini

Gioacchino Passini was born in Fanano (Modena) on 11th march 1956. He lives and works in Crespellano, in the province of Bologna.

He held is first one-man exhibition in his hometown, when he was 17. Over time, he continued to exhibit his works in solo and in group exhibitions, in parallel with his musical studies at the Conservatory of Bologna.

Artist Gioacchino Passini

 He takes an ordinary blank canvas and transforms it into a larger-than-life garden of dewdrop-covered roses. The petals appear soft and supple, an effect that is heightened by the flowers’ brilliant coloring.

Passini’s large-scale paintings not only offer audiences an in-depth look at the beauty of nature, but they’re also a way for the artist himself to explore the minute details that tower above him as he paints.

Each painting in Passini’s impressive portfolio offers a realistic sense of depth.

It may seem that the beads of water are an unnecessary addition, but they add a remarkable touch of hyperrealism. Up-close, you can see that Passini incorporates light and shadow into each water droplet to make viewers wonder if the sun’s shining nearby.

It feels as though you can reach out and pluck one of the painter’s flowers right out of his workspace.

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Solo exhibitions

  • 2014 Archeologia del Novecento (Twentieth Century Archeology), Magi’900 Museum, Pieve di Cento (Bologna)
  • 2014 Archeologia del Novecento (Twentieth Century Archeology), Il Ponte Association, Pieve
  • di Cento (Bologna)
  • 2009 Il Ponte Association, Pieve di Cento (Bologna)
  • 2006 Cultural Exchange, Mesto Veselí nad Moravou (Czech Republic)
  • 2003 Hall of Tourism, Milano Marittima, Department of Culture of the Municipality of Cervia
  • 2001 Palazzo Roncale, Rovigo, organized by the Academy of Concordi
  • 2000 Oltre il tempo (Beyond Time), Chiesa di San Paolo, Modena, organized by the Province
  • 1999 Dino Villani Room, Suzzara (Mantova)
  • 1998 Dino Villani Room, Suzzara (Mantova)
  • 1998 Former Convent of S. Maria, Gonzaga (Mantova)
  • 1997 Council Room, Crespellano (Bologna)
  • 1992 Galleria del Popolo, Mirandola (Modena)
  • 1990 Palazzo Ducale, Pavullo (Modena)
  • 1989 Sala Congressi Hotel Molino, Falcade (Belluno)
  • 1986 Sala Consiliare del Comune, Fanano (Modena)
  • 1976 Galleria Ninfa, Sestola (Modena)
  • 1973 Sede della Pro Loco, Fanano (Modena)
  • Mostre collettive / Collective exhibitions
  • 2015 Arte a Palazzo, Galleria Farini Concept, Bologna
  • 2014 Decodifica, VolontariArte & Rotary Club Sassuolo, Sassuolo (Modena)
  • 2014 Arte a Palazzo, Galleria Farini Concept, Bologna
  • 2014 Artisti contemporanei in Valsamoggia (Contemporary Artists in Valsamoggia), Palazzo Garagnani & Galleria Artifigurative, Crespellano – Valsamoggia (Bologna)
  • 2004 Dieci Anni (Ten Years), Galleria Marieschi, Milan
  • 2003 Tetralogia della Natura: Acqua (Tetralogy of Nature: Water), Galleria Marieschi, Milan
  • 2003 Bologna Art Faire, Galleria Marieschi, Milan
  • 1998 Via Crucis, Punto Arte, Modena
  • 1998 XXXVIII Suzzara Prize, Suzzara (Mantova)
  • 1992 Pittori e scultori del Frignano (Painters and sculptors of Frignano), Palazzo Correr, Venice
  • 1988 Pittori e scultori del Frignano (Painters and sculptors of Frignano), Falcade (Belluno)
  • 1987 Carte, collettiva di grafica (Papers, a collective of graphics), Modena, Sofia (Bulgaria)

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