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Artist Yoon Du Jin


  • 2001 Hongik University Fine Arts graduate sculpture and graduated
  • 1994 Graduated from Hongik University, College of Fine Arts, Sculpture
  • 1987 Kaywon Arts High School graduation

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016 The 11th Solo Exhibition Salon Attain
  • 2015 The 10th Individual Exhibition Gallery Purple
  • 2014 The 9th Solo Exhibition Painting Hand Gallery
  • 2013 The 8th Individual Exhibition fn Gallery
  • 2013 The 7th Individual Insa Art Center
  • 2008 No. 6 times exhibition Art gallery, Seoul
  • 2006 No. 5 times solo KEPCO Art Center,
  • 2004 No. 4 times solo Sungbo Gallery
  • 2003 first three times solo Sungbo Gallery
  • 2001 The first two times solo Sungbo Gallery
  • 1998 The first times exhibition Dukwon Gallery

Group Exhibitions

  • 2016 TENT_ Kim Nam-pyo x Yoon Doo-jin 2 Exhibition, Space Moss
  • 2015 TENT_ Kim Nam-pyo x Yoon Doo-jin 2 Exhibition, Gallery Purple
  • 2014 SDU ART PRIZE Talking about dreams with art , Sejong Cultural Center Museum B1
  • New Space, Shinsegae Gallery , Incheon
  • Cool Running, Lotte Gallery , Yeongdeungpo
  • Hongik sculpture revolving – connecting space , sight , Insa Art Center
  • 2012 Hyundai Sculpture Selected Artist , Lee & Van Gallery
  • Daegu Art Fair , EXCO
  • Healing Camp Exhibition , Pyeongchang Gana Art Center
  • Art Edition , COEX
  • Ulsan Taehwa International installing Festival , Ulsan Taehwa
  • Art Road 77, Heyri Iris Gallery
  • 2011 Korea Sculpture Forum Special Exhibition , Seoul Arts Center
  • Daegu Art Fair , EXCO
  • PROJECT “NEW”, Osaka
  • It crashed – a strange landscape , Seoul Museum of Art
  • Hwarang Art Festival , COEX
  • Hong Kong Hotel Art Fair , AHAF HK11
  • International Sculpture Festival , Seoul Arts Center
  • Art Road 77, Heyri Art Village
  • Design Art Fair , Seoul Arts Center Design Museum

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완벽한 사이보그의 몸을 갖고 싶은 Protecting Body 시리즈 

By Sun Dog Bottom box|May. 6th, 2013

Humans want a perfect body. Six packs with sharp abs and strong horse muscles thighs and bumpy forearms, this body symbolizes health as a symbol of youth. But human life is finite and organic, so it is old and sick. I grow old and sick and walk to death. From the moment of birth, to the death of human life, to watch the journey to death is a lot of thought.

But life with eternal life is not happiness or life to pursue. If you live an eternal life, you do not have to live like this now. Time is provided infinitely, so if you do not do it today, you can do it tomorrow and if you want to do it later. Therefore, eternal life is not good, but I want my body to be healthy until the day of death. It is not a candle that slowly turns off, but it is like a digital that changes at a certain moment. Is that even more shocking?

The sculptor, Yoon Doo-jin, gave birth to a perfect body when he saw his father who died after a long illness. Horse muscles and Six packs We have a strong expression of the body in a unique way.

It feels like mixing a well-muscled, well-muscled body with subtle relief, and putting it on top of it with an elevation, mixed 2D and 3D.
It looks like a human transplantation of machine chain wire lines.

This unique style of expression is so interesting that the shadow makes it so that you have to include the shadow in your work.

Depending on the angle of the lighting, the feel of the work will change.
The Protecting Body series combines a healthy and perfect body with an anonymous face to criticize the contemporary society, especially Korean society, that is insecurity and alienation within the human body and the desire for body and body.

We can see that the faces of Miss Seoul candidates, which had become big topic overseas a little while ago, are synchronized from face to body. I am sure that there are more women and men who are better than before. As you can see, it feels like it was taken from the factory.

Sometimes I look at the shape of a six-pack factory, the shape of a body that I put in a mold, and I sometimes think that cyborg or the country of manufacturing of Android might be Korea. Disability is a problem. It’s like the idea is not yesterday, but I do not know if the body is synchronizing with each other.

The slim body, modern people think that Android is the target. However, the author is called cyborg, but it is said that cyborg is an organism that is organism body, and robot which is humanoid is called Android. Maybe not.

Via: tistory