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Painting by Artist Ewa Lanrecz

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Painting by Artist Ewa Lanrecz

Ewa Lanrecz Interview

Who are you and what are you doing?
I come from Poland, where I live and work, my real name is Ewa Czernal-Suliga. Lanrecz is a nickname.

Why art?
I am a very sensitive and emotional person, painting has always moved me, although I am not able to define exactly the word Art and what is hidden in this word. For me personally, if the image evokes someone’s emotions, joy, emotion, anxiety. For aesthetic reasons. This is art for me and be able to convey it in a picture, it is art. Today, there are a lot of artists, brave artists who want to convey some moral values, whether to provoke but if their paintings do not evoke for the recipient of emotions due to aesthetic reasons. I am not accomplished I am sure of the artistic value of such a work.

What is your earliest memory of the desire to be an artist?
I have been interested in painting since I remember, the first paintings were made in my head for several good years. I pour them on canvas. I create my paintings under the influence of emotions, under the influence of survival. I am sensitive to the beauty of nature, hence a lot of flowers in my painting. Painting allows me to create something that arises in my mind, allows me to convey my moods, my feelings to build a vision, I will never plan the picture to the end, it is created with me, in my mind, and later on canvas and I experience each job in my own way.

What are your favorite topics and media?
I paint with acrylic paints. It dries quickly, which allows me to work faster in accordance with my temperament and lack of patience. I don’t think I have exactly the subjects. I love painting flowers, still life which symbolizes something, abstraction drew me in because I let my imagination run wild and if personal experiences come to this. I can convey all my emotions there and all my temperament and if I can do it to some extent, I am happy! Although never completely dissatisfied, I have a great distance and are humble with my work.

How do you work and approach the topic?
I paint spontaneously, I paint when I feel like at any time, the subject comes to my head sometimes unexpectedly and when I feel a great desire to paint a bouquet of flowers, or usually an apple or let your imagination run wild under the influence of my favorite music, this is what he paints, constantly observes all and I try to see what others may not see and what gives me inspiration.

What are your favorite works of art, artists?
I have always admired the paintings of Monet, Cezanne, Reinor, Degas , Klimt, and many contemporary artists. My friends, amazing abstractions of Tadeusz Machowski, beautiful, climatic paintings by Malgosia Borsukiewicz and the beautiful painter Czesław Pyrgies. And the painter of Stanisław Brajera, I could mention here more, a lot of artists whose painting delights me. I have also been inspired by the poetry of Anna-Gin and Romy Rappec recently.

What do you like about your work?
I like in my work the thought that freedom, I am free and I can create what I want, I have no limits. I do not understand the words professionalism in painting, I do not know exactly painting techniques. Everything is a product of my imagination and techniques that I come to myself with better or worse results, no one ever taught me, didn’t instill rules, that’s why I’m free.

What advice did you give to other artists?
I can do whatever I want and like. What advice would I give to other artists? I have no right to give advice to other artists, because I’m not sure if I deserved such a title myself, I never think of myself. “The artist sounds proud” and this is one from my dreams. I can say so about myself, I can only tell people who have passions and dreams that they never give up!

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
hahaha and the hardest question … how is that? … in the best galleries ….. I’m a dreamer !!!!!!


Polish Artist Ewa Lanrecz Painting
Polish Artist Ewa Lanrecz Painting

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