Zsigmond István

Since the beginning of the 1990’s I paint, draw and compose music too. In 1995 I published my first book of poems titled, Trágár kocsisok bakján (On the dickey seats of nasty dickey’s). I am the founding member of the X-Art and the Poly art association and also the SZAK Studio art company. I live and create in the cities called Százhalombatta and Érd (in Hungary) for more than 25 years. I have attended on numerous exhibitions.

My pictures are made with a special technique, that I invented. This special technique includes both the traditional aquarelle and the modern digital techniques’ as well. The final touch on my pictures made with a technique called giclée. István Zsigmond is a Digital Portrait and landscape artist, freelance artist was born in 1964 in Budapest. Lives in Oriszentpeter, Hungary

Zsigmond István Painting - Hungarian Digital Artist
Zsigmond István Painting – Hungarian Digital Artist