Yuehua He


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Yuehua He is such a sublime artist who showed great portraits with a unique and interesting technique. This video below you are about to watch how he started and finished a painting. It has been seen over 4 million times. He’s amazing artist painter. Born in 1959, Beijing, China. Graduated from Central Academy of Arts and Design ( renamed Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University ) in Beijing, China.

Member of Portrait Society of America, Member of Allied Artists of America, Inc.,1997-2000 Curator of Beijing design Art Museum. Started painting when was a child. Worked as fine art designer for over 10 years. Portrait art work was selected for Art exhibition New York in 2009. Art work ” travel ” won the award for the advancement of American Art from Allied Artists of America in 2010
Art work “daughter” was selected for exhibition of Art Renewal Center in 2011. Advisor of ACOPAL ( America China Painting Artists League ), organize the exhibition of Contemporary A Mercian Realism” with Beijing World Art Museum in 2012.