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Youmee Park (Park Yoomi | 朴裕美 | Park, youmee) graduated from Hanman University education in art, Kyonggi University graduate school of formative arts.

Youmee Park graduated from Hanman University education in art, Kyonggi University graduate school of formative arts. Viewers tend to be retrospective on the purity of the world reflected on the eyes of a child through Park,You Mee’s watercolors. Yes, in her watercolors dwells a pure vision of the world that is not restricted to the outer beauty of images created from the mere source of the painting.

The kind of purity that the artist gives as she looks upon the world, as expected, is one of expressive specificities found in the genre of watercolor. It is probably not unrelated to the temporariness of unchanging expression. Moreover, it may be related to the material characteristic, the transparency, of watercolor paint where the viewer penetrates the paint and sees every detail of he body of painting.
Her watercolor follows the method where material specificity is fully concerned. Thus every subject invited to her paintings are granted of a new life that is transparent and naive in nature. The work transforms even very meaningless existence into a beautiful image which we refer to as “pure aesthetics”.

Her passion toward the painting concentrates on the search for the pure aesthetics embedded in a pure form that each object possesses. Outstandingly bright and clear colors reflect to such an artist’s own sense of aesthetics. It is because of her natural deity-like attitude for understanding the life that it is beautiful.

She had 38 times solo exhibition in Seoul, Daejeon, Chungju, Shanghai, Vancouver etc., participated in about 450 group exhibitions such as:

  • Korea Contemporary Art Berlin Invitation Exhibition,
  • Korea Watercolor Association Exhibition,
  • Korea Painting Exhibition,
  • Korean 100 Artists Invitation Exhibition,
  • Korea Art Festival Invitation Exhibition.

She was a adjunct professor of Pai Chai University, a professor of Kyonggi University Extension University and Chung Ang University School of Continuing Education, a judge of Grand Art Exhibition of Korea and Kyonggi Arts Contest, a judge and steering committee member of Korea Watercolor Association Contest and Korea Watercolor Contest.

Present, she is a program director of Korean Fine Arts Association watercolor department, a president of the board of Korea Watercolor Association, a chairman of Seoul Fine Arts Association watercolor department, an advisor of Mibang Association, a member of Sang Hyung Association & Seoul Academy and teaches at Hanmam University education in art department of painting.


Works Collection

-POSCO5-Crown Haitai Confectionery
-Kongju National University
-Vancouver Howe Street Gallery
-Lauren Manufacturing, USA
-Hohun Gallery
-Seattle City Hall, USA
-Incheon Gil Hospital
-Incheon Cheong-A Dental Hospital
-LA Lee Hee Dental Hospital, etc.


-Seoul Art Gallery, Gomdalae –
ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul 58-gil 8. Art Building 3F Park You Me
Watercolor Academy

Seoul Atelier
Park You Mee Watercolor Academy 3rd fl. ART BLDG.
8, Gomdallae-ro 58-gil , Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

War firebox
War Western samcheondong address 1257 3rd floor
bakyumi watercolor Academy

Deajeon Atelier
Park Youmee Watercolor Academy’s
3rd FL. 1257, Samcheon-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Korea


Korean Watercolor Competition Grand Prize, Excellence Award, Special
Selection, etc. Many

solo exhibitions including special selections at the Korean Art Competition
35 solo exhibitions
(Danseong Gallery, Canada Howe Street Gallery, China Shanhai Mart,
Seoul Gallery, Seoul Museum of Art, Insa Art Plaza Gallery, etc.)

Group Exhibitions

Domestic and overseas group exhibitions Participated more than 480 times
-Contemporary Art New York Invitational Exhibition (Soho Stendal Gallery, New York)
-Korea-Japan Creative Exchange Exhibition (Kuboda Gallery, Japan)-Korean
Contemporary Art Berlin Invitational Exhibition (Berlin City Hall, Berlin)
-Ah! Korea (Sang Gallery, Seoul)
-Vancouver Korean Artists Association Exhibition (UBC Asian Center, Vancouver)
-Experiment & Mixed Media Juried Show
(Canadian Art Association Gallery, Vancouver) -Invitational
Exhibition for the 40th Anniversary of Korea-Korea Diplomatic Relations
(Canadian Art Association Gallery, Vancouver)
-International exhibition from 3 countries (Ho Chi Minh University, Vietnam)
-New Sculpture Receptacle-Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center Tokyo)
-Shanghai Watercolor Art Fair (Shanghai)
-Regular Exhibition of Korean Art Association (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)
-Regular Exhibition of Korean Watercolor
Painting Association (Sejong Center, Seoul)-Regular Exhibition of Seoul Art Association (Sejong Center, Seoul)
-Regular Exhibition of Seoul Academy (Sejong Center, Seoul)
-Sanghyung Association Regular Exhibition (Sejong Center, Seoul)
-Gangseo Art Association Regular Exhibition (Seo Gallery, Seoul)
-New Exhibition Regular Exhibition (Sejong Center, Seoul)-Mibang Exhibition
(Howe Street Gallery, Vancouver)
-Korea Watercolor Association World Watercolor Triennale


Director of the Korea Watercolor Exhibition –
Organizing Member of the Korea Art Competition-Member of the Organizing Committee of the Korea Art Competition-Advisor of the
Korea Copa Global Art
to the US Council – Exclusive painter at Howe Street Gallery, Canada
-Korean Art Association, Seoul Art Association, Korean Watercolor Association,
Seoul Academy, Sang Hyung-hoe -Vice – Chairman of the
Korean Art Association

Lecturer at Hannam University, Gyeonggi National University Education Center- Vice – Chairman of
Korea Watercolor Association
-Adjunct Professor at So
– eui University-Professor at Gyeonggi University Social Education Center and Chung-Ang University Lifelong Education Center
-Watercolor Instructor at Canadian Art Association
-Member of the judges and operating committee of the
Korea Art Competition-Organizing member of the conceived (watercolor) section of the
Korea Art Competition- Organizing member of the non- conceived (watercolor) section of the Korea Art
Competition-Operation member of the Seoul Art Association Competition Awards-
Jury member and operating committee member of the Korea Women’s Art Competition
-Korea Watercolors Association Competition Operation Committee and Judge
-Korea Watercolor Academy Operation Committee and Judge
-Korea Watercolor
Painting Competition Operation Committee and Judge-Haengju Art Competition Operation Committee and Judge
-Na Hye-seok Art Contest Operation Committee and Judge
-Korea Myungshin Peace Reunification Competition Judge
-Korea Namnong Art Competition Judge
-National Oceanic Art Competition Judge
-Gyeonggi Art Competition Judge
-Dosol Art Competition Judge
-Gangwon Art Competition Judge
-Bomun Art Competition Judge
-Goyang Art Fair Management Committee
-Shin Saimdang Art Competition Steering Committee
-Peace Unification Art Competition Steering Committee
-Hanseong Baekje Art Competition Steering Committee
-Danwon Art Competition Steering Committee
-Korea Integration Committee Regional Integration Headquarters Art Association Vice President

-World Women’s Art Festival Steering Committee -Farenheit Women’s Art Competition Steering Committee
-Korea Philippines France Japan Fine Art Festival Advisor-Korea Philippines France Japan Fine Art Festival Advisory
– Advisory Member of the Balance and Diversity Exhibition of Korean Art held in Düsseldorf, Germany-
Planning Director, Watercolors Subcommittee, Korea Art Association-
( G) Chairman of the Watercolors Division, Seoul Art Association


You Mee Park Watercolor Painting
You Mee Park Watercolor Painting


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