29 Splendid Spray Paintings by American Artist David Walker


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David Walker

Working in portraiture, painting freehand, using only spray paint and without the aid of brushes David has developed a signature multi-layered style. Incorporating both sophisticated and dumb mark making he creates countless scrawled lines and abstract areas that weave through clashing colours, translucent drips and decaying letterforms, the results are visually rich portraits that fuse photo realism, abstraction and graffiti art sensibilities with a raw energy that comes from the medium.

His work is Exhibited in the UK and Internationally and aims to challenge preconceptions about fine art and urban art painting within the gallery confines and the public domain.
Over recent years David has shown work in Berlin, Hong Kong, LA, Lisbon, London, New York and Paris amongst others and his paintings have been shown alongside the leading figures in the urban contemporary and street art movement.

David Walker (artist)
David Walker is an English street artist and clothing designer. Over the course of a few years he has developed a signature style using multi-layering, photo-realism, scrawled lines and many different colors of spray paint.

His art often incorporates images of women. Walker has painted buildings in many locations, such as New York City, Hong Kong, Bali, Lisbon, and Berlin. His first major solo show was “Brides on Fire” which was presented at the Rook and Raven Gallery in January 2012. His work has become highly collectible.

Walker’s first job was creating T-shirt designs for The Prodigy, an English electronic dance music group, which eventually led him to create his own streetwear label “Subsurface”.

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David Walker Art basel 2013 Wynwood – Timelapse from The Greatest Trick on Vimeo.

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