Rae Perry

Rae Perry is an American artist originally from Dallas Texas, I now live and work in Dublin. I spent two years in Florence, Italy where I completed the drawing program at the Angel Academy of Art.

I am mainly self-taught when it comes to painting, and I primarily focus on still-life subject matter. I eventually plan to incorporate the human figure in my paintings. My influences range from the classic illustrators, to the Pre-Raphaelites and the great 19th century artists (Mucha, Waterhouse, Whistler, N.C.Wyeth and Chardin)”.

The Depiction Of Desire: Rae Perry’S Painting

May 20, 2016

Rae Perry is a young American born artist active in Dublin, Ireland. She studied drawing at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence and has developed through experimentation, her own way of painting “a kind of half Alla Prima.” Rae finishes most of the picture the first time, and when the paint is still tacky, she adds in, choosing to finish and detail some areas while leaving some areas in the Alla Prima state (wet on wet).

Her classical work has a restless sense of longing to it, atmospheric tension is created through the use of matte areas with crystalline shadow, and painted skin that seems to rise and fall with a sleeper’s breath.

American Artist Rae Perry Painting
American Artist Rae Perry Painting

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Lotus Eater

One of the most interesting nudes is the work titled Lotus Eater, where the woman is quietly turned away from the viewer. The work’s intrigue rests in the intimacy that is depicted, that is not a violation, but rather there is peacefulness and eroticism all at once. The title comes from the Odyssey and refers to the indolent inhabitants of the island of the Lotus Eaters, “where the people would eat the Lotus plant, and fall completely indifferent to the outside world.”


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