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Beyond boundaries

Before I turn to the outside with choice, I rise in and listen to the inner voice. To the whispers of the spirit when calling, sounds of the soul when tuning. Own voice could be music to the heart, could be rhythm to the ears and other parts, I bind …

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I dream big … Ain’t no stopping me now!

Seeking a natural common connection to recognize the equal status. Longing for an adventure and novel opportunities in the game of life. Being a dreamer in a carnival ride of a free soul and a free spirit opened a way beyond all boundaries to the deep heart of me and …

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A goiter it seems I got from this backward craning like the cats get there in Lombardy, or wherever —bad water, they say, from lapping their fetid river. My belly, tugged under my chin, ‘s all out of whack. Beard points like a finger at heaven. Near the back of …

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