Create The Unique Thought And Bring It Into The Frame

So true that it gets scary.
Create the unique thought and bring it into the frame.

At school,
We teach you to line up, you must not leave it.
You are asked to sit in the same place all year round.
You are ordered to listen.
We push you to compete.
You are made to believe that your grades determine who you are.

We do not tell you that you are apart, different and that makes you someone unique.
Regardless of your school results, you are wonderful and full of talent.
That you have the right to express yourself and let your emotions go.

We talk to you about gas, electricity, wind power … Without ever telling you that you (yourself) are energy, like everything around you. You are not told that your vital energy is fueled by cosmic and telluric energies.

We talk to you about the reproductive system and the sexual organs, without dwelling on self-respect and the sacred side of sexuality. You are not told that your body is a temple and that no one has the right to touch it without your permission.

We put a mask on your face and flood your hands with hydroalcoholic gel, not to mention how to naturally boost your immune system and stay healthy. Without telling you that breathing is an essential and essential factor for your good development.

We teach you the performance, the financial wealth of industrialized countries, without pointing out that the greatest wealth is in your heart and is called love. That no matter how much is in your bank account, if your heart is full of love, you will be much richer than some millionaires.

We quickly tell you about third world countries where people die of hunger and are often at war, without explaining to you that your own country sells them the weapons with which they kill each other and that it would be easy to end hunger in the world, if it was profitable. That the lives of some are worth much less than a barrel of oil or a kilogram of Lithium.

We talk to you about civic education, rights and duties as a citizen, while our elected officials, our elites, flout them every day that passes. That you have to respect the rules, of the school, of the canteen while the powerful of this world respect nothing and no one.

We quickly talk to you about the seasons and cycles of nature, without explaining to you that this affects your body and that it is important to respect its environment. That the human is a host of the Earth and not its master. That Gaia is our foster mother and that by destroying her little by little, man is heading for his own destruction.

We give you a map with the planets of our solar system without explaining to you that you are made of stardust and that you are connected to the vastness of the cosmos. That every vibration in the universe affects your own energy and vice versa.

Listen, my child, to what the grown-ups tell you. But don’t believe anything. Discover the unspoken behind the classic lessons, the things hidden behind the so-called truth. Ask yourself about everything. Don’t take anything for granted. Never.

Open wide your eyes and your heart and explore for yourself the mysteries of life. ”

Author: Patou