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Artist Lindsey Kustusch

Lindsey Kustusch paints both urban cityscapes and rural landscapes, available in equal measure to the Bay Area artist. Based out of San Francisco, it is fitting that slick streets and fog dominate Kustusch’s view of the city. At times fog interrupts the scenery, blurring buildings and crowding out skylines, much as it does in real life. Collectively, Kustusch’s cityscapes offer a compelling look into the thriving metropolis by the bay.
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Urban Cityscapes and Rural Landscapes and more about Lindsey Kustusch:

I am an oil painter based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2009, I have been exhibiting my artwork nationwide, and have recently begun teaching classes and workshops at Sadie Valerie Atelier in San Francisco.

Indeed, I am fascinated by the power art possess, and the way a painting can dramatically alter the way we see our surroundings. How everyday things can gain beauty simply because we’ve experienced them through someone else’s eyes. That is the magic behind the paint brush. Whether that’s landscapes, portraits, still life, or anything in between, art offers us a chance to see the world differently.

So as a loyal city dweller, and a lifetime animal lover and advocate, my ambition is to capture the fleeting moments in life, using this medium as an opportunity to see the world with a more interesting and colorful perspective. Translating my day to day experiences, the emotional connection to those memories, as well as exploring the beauty of nature through animal portraiture and Plein Air Painting has become the sole drive of everything that I create.

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Review: Lindsey Kustusch Solo Show at the Howard/Mandville Gallery

(August 19th-September 10th) – 8/19/2017

After living in Seattle for seven years, my wife and I finally made it to bucolic downtown Kirkland. This afternoon Lindsey Kustusch and the Howard/Mandville Gallery held a reception for her new solo show. As we entered the gallery, we received an affectionate welcome from the gallery staff. The gallery itself, was charming and efficiently displayed Kustusch’s paintings.

Before we could even examine the paintings, we were introduced to Lindsey. I immediately recognized her husband, artist/illustrator Nate Ross. I hoped he would accompany her, as he is an up and coming emerging artist. It sounds hackneyed, but they couldn’t have been more pleasant. My wife and I spent most of the show speaking with Nate about several subjects including: favorite artists, San Francisco-based artists, affordable art, HIV vaccines (my wife’s work), and their cat Hank. But on to the show.

In my opinion, Lindsey is one of the world’s premier city-scape painters. She had several pieces dedicated to the genre, but also had plein air and faunal paintings available, for purchase. Paintings started at $575 for her 6” x 6” butterfly paintings and maxed out at $8200. Lindsey makes a concerted effort to provide collectors with affordable options and a few butterfly paintings still remain (so call the gallery!).

As great as the internet is for researching art, it doesn’t do the paintings justice. The color and detail in her paintings were mesmerizing, as the viewer is rendered motionless. The contrasting blues and grays in ‘Just A Few Stops From Home’ were incredible and the pinks in ‘Looking North At Dawn’ and ‘Winter Calm’ were astonishing. The juxtaposition of realism and abstraction, truly make these paintings unique. And kudos to the gallery, as the framing was the best I’ve seen in recent memory and complimented the paintings perfectly. Lindsey will be one of the next artist’s that I purchase an original from, as she’s a remarkable talent.

  George Elgar Hicks

Blending Abstraction and Realism

By Andrew Webster – August 17, 2017

Over the past decade, this Bay Area artist has built a rather large national following for her captivating urban cityscapes and powerful portraits of crows, ravens, cats, and much more. Her latest works have travelled north for a can’t-miss one-woman show.

After her studies at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, artist Lindsey Kustusch found herself needing to choose between a veterinary or fine art career. After working for some time in a nearby shelter, Kustusch discovered an artist who “broke all the rules of what I learned in school” she suggested, leading her to take the artistic plunge herself.

Today, Kustusch has amassed a large national following for her amazing paintings that blend abstraction and photorealism. The resulting works are dynamic and visually engaging, and her subjects allow the artist to explore several themes that resonate with her.

Howard/Mandville Gallery in Kirkland, Washington, is pleased to be opening on August 19 a solo exhibition of Kustusch’s recent works. On view through September 19, the exhibition features several of the artist’s well-known raven and crow paintings. “They exude this sort of wild, ancient, prehistoric spirit with an intensity and sense of drama,” the artist said. “Aesthetically, they’re stunning animals, with their perfect balance of soft and hard edges, reptilian-like talons, and shades of velvet-black feathers.”

Also on display are the artist’s incredible cityscapes — many of which are of locations in her home city of San Francisco that have struck a chord. “She uses abstracted, painterly effects to convey energy, personality, and soul,” the gallery adds. “Small doses of photorealism help viewers fill in the gaps.” The resulting works are convincing and have collectors following in flocks. The artist’s experimentation with abstraction and various kinds of mark-making create many layers that mimic atmospheres that viewers find enticing.

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