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Leon Devenice Painting - American Artist

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Leon Devenice Painting - American Artist

Leon Devenice is an award-winning modern impressionist painter whose unique work portrays nature’s majestic beauty. His art often depicts the glorious richness of alfresco living and is lauded for its sense of romance and passion. Unafraid to incorporate bold colors, Leon speaks the language of vitality and sensuality with his incredible landscapes and painted scenes.

Born in New York, Leon Devenice showed talent as a young boy. But a tragic accident would change Leon forever and ultimately pave the way for his success as an artist. Struck by a drunk driver, both of Leon’s parents were killed and Leon left alone hospitalized with paralysis for months. But while in the hospital, kind staff members introduced Leon to the beauty and therapeutic benefits of painting. His long recovery was aided by this creative outlet and sparked a burning desire to paint and explore the beauty of colors.

After making a full recovery, Leon moved to Greece to live with his grandmother. He continued to paint and develop his signature style—his natural-born talent becoming more and more evident. After college, Leon enrolled in the Athens School of Fine Arts where he would complete his formal education.

Traveling after graduation would allow Leon to take his art and professional career to the next level. He spent time in Australia, Italy, France, Spain and much of Europe honing his style and taking on high profile projects. While abroad, he was commissioned to design Villa interiors throughout Europe with murals and decorative finishes. And, he was chosen to decorate numerous interiors of Orthodox Churches ​throughout ​the Greek Islands.

Leon Devenice Painting - American Artist
Leon Devenice Painting – American Artist

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Today, Leon Devenice lives in Florida where he continues to produce prolific works of art. His inspiration for many of his canvas paintings comes from sketches he made during his world travels. His art continues to be sought after by those in charge of public spaces, as well as private collectors all over the world.


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