54 Outdoor Paintings By Australian Artist Graham Gercken

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The Outdoor Paintings by Graham Gercken, An Award Winning Australian Artist

Graham was born in Queensland Australia 1960 than lived in Penrith from 1961 to 1983. Predominantly self taught he chose oil paints as his medium and painted wet into wet, which is the style of the impressionist artists and lends itself best for outdoor painting like those of the Australian Heidelberg school of artists.


1984 saw Graham move to the “World Heritage listed” Blue Mountains west of Sydney . His professional career started by selling paintings to the buses of tourists who visit the Three Sisters every day.

His works were well received and spent 10 years painting at Echo point. Graham lived as an Artist In Residence at Dunmoochin, Victoria 1998, the home of renowned Australian artist Clifton Pugh.

In 2003, he traveled to China where he lived there for 4 years and met some great Chinese artists who showed him the techniques of ink wash painting.


After 25 Years of professionally Painting he has won many awards, including a number of first places, had sell-out exhibitions at Prouds Art Gallery Sydney and has his paintings in some of Australia’s most prestigious Art Galleries as well as the Korean consulate.

Grahams works have been presented to visiting dignitaries, sports persons and are represented in private collections all over the world.

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