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Sami Kutlular (b. 1945; Ankara), Turkish painter. Independence High School and Ankara Gazi University Department of Journalism graduates, although Samir Happy painter who settled in Turkey in hyperrealist style in the picture is a name that has won praise for his portrait work one to one draw close to reality. The artist’s numerous works are in the collections and have taken place in individual and collective exhibition organizations. Painter Sami Kutlular continues his painting works in his hometown of Ankara.

Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center hosts Sami Kutlular who has been collecting his hobby-painting works in his first personal exhibition named “Icons”.

30 successful examples of hyper-realism, which was born in the 1960s in the USA and known in Turkey as a photo-realistic painting, met with art lovers.

Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center, which brings the art pulse of Ankara and the art lovers of the capital from art to sculpture and performing arts, hosts a very interesting exhibition since the beginning of May. The first solo exhibition of “Icons”, in which the artist Sami Kutlular conveys the memories of the films that have been recorded in the history of cinema such as “The Big Lebowski”, “Fight Club”, “Usual Suspects” and “Reservoir Dogs” to the canvas; waiting for those who are passionate about details, realism and cinema.

Picture, starting in 1945 as a hobby during his youth born Sami Kutlu despite the ability to love and be discovered by a bitter teachers Turkey due to the fact that the picture did not turn.

“I loved the painting, but I had to work even while I was studying in college. I couldn’t go to a department where I had to attend, I couldn’t study during the day. third The paintings she made as a gift to her friends had kept the fire alive at her heart until retired. When he retired, he gave himself to painting.


Sami Kutlular’s first solo exhibition sanat Icons özel is what makes it special. This current, called photorealism or hyper-realism, means that the artist draws pictures in detail and detail. When you first enter Eren Eyüboğlu Hall where the works of Kutlular are exhibited , you think you have a poster exhibition. However, all you see, every detail of the hand and brush, hours of labor, oil painting work handled.

Kutlular said that the main stream he followed was a concrete picture.


Kutlular’in icons for his first work was a square from the Great Lebowski. Another unsympathetic character of the film was the dude, the dude, who was remembered as the dude of a millionaire because of a millionaire. In Kutlular’s work, Ahbap’s facial expression and outfit attracted attention. In fact, the cardigan is a clear indication of how much he cared for Sami Kutlular’s works. Asking his wife what kind of a rubber weave the model of the knitting, “I’m two inverted a flat tire, I was a reverse flat. I get it right my wife said, I painted it according to him. Because the details are important,” he said.


Another item that attracts attention in the exhibition of Sami Kutlular is its catalog. While most of the painters did not include their works in the exhibition catalog, it turned out to be an unpleasant task for the Kutlular. “I work with photo realism, so I pay much attention to the details. For example, in order to achieve a shade and shade of skin color, I’m painting with green colors, maybe 7-8 different colors, because I aim to reach the reality of photography. I have been asked several times before, if I used to paint a few of the pictures I made, and I was asked if I could paint on top of the color printing, and I photographed each painting from the blank canvas and black drawing to avoid the same thing. – ANKARA

Source: UAV

Good read that match the first painting in that album:

What does it feel like to be old?
The other day, a young person asked me: – how do you feel by being old?
I was very surprised by the question, because I don’t consider myself old. When she saw my reaction, she immediately wanted it, but I explained to her that it was an interesting question.
After thinking, I concluded that getting old is a gift.
Sometimes I’m surprised by the person I see in my mirror. But I don’t care about these things for a long time. I wouldn’t change for all the gold in the world to have grey hair less and a flat stomach.
I don’t force myself to make the bed, or to eat a few more ” things
I am in my right to be a little messy, to be extravagant and to spend hours contemplating my flowers.
I have seen a few dear friends leaving this world, before enjoying the freedom that comes with old age and gives the right to read or play on the computer until 4 am and after sleep until I Don’t know what time?-
I have the right to dance alone at the rhythm of the 50 s and 60 s and then cry, if the envy takes me for a lost love more than 40 years ago.
I take the right to walk on the beach with a swimsuit that stretches on my plump body and take a dip in the waves by letting me wear, despite the compassion looks of those who wear a bikini. They will also one day become old, if they have the chance to live this long.
It is true that through the years my heart has suffered for the loss of a loved one, for the pain of a child, or to see a pet die. But it is the suffering that gives us strength and makes us grow. A heart that has not been broken, is sterile and will never know of the happiness of being imperfect. I feel proud to have lived long enough for my hair to become grey and to keep the smile of my youth, before the deep furrows appear on my face.
Now, to answer the question with sincerity, I can say, ” I like to be old, because old age makes me wiser, more free! ” ”
I know I’m not going to live forever, but as long as I’m there, I’ll live according to my own laws, those of my heart. I’m not going to apologize about what wasn’t, nor worry about what it will be. For the time I have left, I would just like to live my life as I have done until today, the rest the fate will decide
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