Dirk Dzimirsky


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Dirk Dzimirsky (b. 1969) is a german artist best known for his hyperrealistic drawings and paintings depicting human beings in a somewhat dark artistic mood, relentlessly revealing the vulnerability and tragedy of their condition.

The artworks are based on a selection of photos. All the complex details and surreal, overreaching compositions of light and shadow intend to create a dramatic feeling and intense emotions for the viewers.
Dzimirsky’s works have been exhibited in the US, Europe and Tokyo and are held in private and public collections throughout the world. He has been featured in international magazines, newspapers and books. Recently he was commissioned by Waterman – Paris, to draw a large scale portrait with ball pen to introduce their new line of luxury pens. The artwork was shown at exhibitions in Paris and Tokyo as well as on billboards and screens throughout the cities.

Artist link: http://www.dzimirsky.com/