Rui Pires

Rui Pires is Portuguese and born in 1968. The passion for photography began in 1983 as an amateur photographer.


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Rui Pires

It is considered a photographer with a classical and humanist style, and is dedicated primarily to documentary photography.

At 2006 Rui Pires began a project that aims to document the life in Portuguese rural villages undergoing desertification, the Rural Moments project. The project still running. At 2009 Rui Pires began the Lands of Allah project, a documentary about the life of the nomad tribes and Berbers-Touareg people in north of Africa and Sahara desert.. He have many publications in Web, magazines and newspapers in many countries.
He have also won prizes and awards in exhibitions and photography contests. He tries to achieve a humanistic approach to documentary photography and always try to dignify the people he portrays. Rui Pires shoots primarily in medium and large format with black and white film and he controls the entire photographic process, from capture, processing film and printing. Actually he produce high quality fine-art prints of his photography in signed and limited series for art collectors worldwide and have many of his works in private collections worldwide.

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