Nils Peters

Nils Peters, who could be described as a contemporary „cave painter“.


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Nils Peters

If one wants to understand Peter`s mostly big paint-works, one should not get distracted by the realistic chiffres like letters or fragments: they are always and in a literal sense embedded in a complex pictorial and structured context of the surface. All is determined by monumental, strongly textured visons of paintings, which emerge out of the „wall“ like archaic dream-pictures. They have a double impact on the viewer: on the one hand intellectually, as they spontaneously trigger reflexions about the seen, and on the other hand, because they affect deeply with their great silence. This applies for the single „detail motifs“ as well as for the „big narrations“

Many of his works seem to describe post-human conditions, where phantastic robots and golems appear as messengers of an terrestrial apocalypse. They evoke a monumental amazement, that we knew when we were small children and perceived the first big buildings and machines. That we also can be impressed by them as „grown-ups“ similary may be caused by the fact, that unseen, but foreboded, feared themes appear and hit our own subconsciousness. We feel reminded back and thrown forward simultaneously and are irritated when faced by the strong impact of these unconventional pictures – because the one question still remains: who has created these pictures? If we would not exist then anymore. Artist Link: