11 Beautiful Pictures By Russian Photographer Anton Mostovenko

Photography by Artist Anton Mostovenko

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Photography by Artist Anton Mostovenko

Waking up before dawn, our company quickly ate breakfast and all went to the previously designated places for shooting. Someone turned out to be more prudent and went into a serious ambush set last night.

I just put on a camouflage cape and lay down on the shore, a meter from the water. After some time, “because of the turn” came two stilts. Slowly walking on the water and collecting everything edible from the bottom, these birds finally found themselves opposite to me.

I continued to shoot frame by frame. Especially not zealous not to frighten animals with noise. And it gave its fruits – the stilts did not pay attention to me and wandered so close that I had to turn the zoom ring – they didn’t fit the frame by 600 mm.

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Anton Mostovenko is a wildlife photographer from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. currently using Nikon D500 and Tamron 150-600 G2. His profile on instagram