50 Figurative Paintings Of Beautiful Women By French Artist Annick Bouvattier


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Artist Annick Bouvattier

About Artist Figurative Painter Annick Bouvattier

Captures seemingly insignificant gestures in the everyday lives of beautiful women .. 

Early Age:

Annick Bouvattier is a figurative painter based in Paris. Artist Annick Bouvattier was born in 1964 in Nevers, France. Her father, a pediatrician and art lover, instilled a taste for painting from the earliest childhood. 

Annick Bouvattier captures seemingly insignificant gestures in the everyday lives of beautiful women, trivial moments, fleeting glances, words unspoken, speechless stories.

She is a painter of silences, silences that many a beholder and collector has heard and savored. For two years, Annick Bouvattier was trained as a stylist.

Education and Career:

In 1982 he graduated from the Art School, she refused the family tradition to be in the medical research but she aimed the fashion school “Berçot-Marie Rucki“.

Her works were subsequently shown in Paris and the Villa Mdicis in Rome, and acclaimed by fashion designers and the trade press. She was more drawn to stage fashion than prt-porter, however, and chose to work for filmmakers and advertising.

She has since designed a number of costumes for Cinecitt Studios in Rome. From her Italian experience derives her use of deep, warm and sensual colours: sun-drenched ochres, velvet reds, intense blues and deep greens.

In 1990 she gave herself wholly up to painting. After two years of self-training, she studied with Pierre Ramel (a former pupil of Mac Avoys), who taught her the painting-knife technique, she smooths out her oils to achieve an effect of transparency.



In the beginning of 1990, Annick Bouvattier decided to devote herself exclusively to painting. Annick Bouvattier draws in the onslaught women who, alone or together, are in an almost empty apartment with scanty furniture, but they all look wonderful against a background of light and shadow.

Beautiful, young, they live their own lives, very feminine, simple modesty and indifferent to the outside view, but each of them has its own story, which for the viewer remains unsaid.

“La femme a toujours été le premier sujet de peinture de l’humanité.Au fil des générations, les peintres ont su mettre en avant les différentes métamorphoses du corps féminin.Mes peintures s’inscrivent résolument dans le monde dans lequel nous vivons, dans notre présent.” ─ Annick Bouvattier



Alone or alone, in city apartments furnished with shadows and light, the works of Annick Bouvattier invite you to enter the secret world of femininity from the inside.

Beautiful, young, without false modesty, indifferent to any external looks, his wives are not in representation, and, if they seduce us it is not deliberately but inadvertently.

Is true beauty not natural?

To dive into a painting by Annick Bouvattier is to listen to a story. A personal story that we will never know the ins and outs but the viewer can, a thousand times, reinvent at the whim of his imagination.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2015 Galerie Next. Toulouse.
  • 2014 Galerie Next. Toulouse.
  • 2013 Galerie Salvany. Clermont-Ferrand.
  • 2012 Artclub Gallery. Paris.
  • 2011 Palm Beach. Cannes
  • 2011 Galerie Neel. Cannes
  • 2010 Galerie des Chapelains. Nevers.
  • 2009 Artclub Gallery. Paris.
  • 2006 Galerie Salvany. Clermont-Ferrand.
  • 2005 Galerie Artclub. Paris
  • 2005 Galerie Futurart. Bruxelles
  • 2002 Galerie Aktuaryus. Strasbourg
  • 2002 Galerie des Chapelains. Nevers
  • 2001 Galerie Tosaka. Paris.
  • 2000 Galerie Aktuaryus. Strasbourg
  • 2000 Galerie des Chapelains. Nevers
  • 1997 Galerie Saint-Cyr. Nevers.
  • 1996 Galerie Etienne De Caussans. Paris
  • 1993 Galerie Jason. Perpignan.
  • Fairs & collective exhibitions
  • Galerie Neel, Cannes. 2010
  • Galerie Joël Dupuis, Hardelot/Mer. 2008
  • The Catto Gallery, London. 2007
  • Galerie Joël Dupuis, Hardelot/mer. 2007
  • Galerie Hugues Penot, La Baule. 2007
  • Artexpo, New-York. 1998
  • Galerie Christian Dazy, Dijon. 1998
  • Musée de Marzy. 1997
  • Salon de Printemps. Decize. 1996
  • Salon de Bourges. 1994
  • Salon d’Automne (Grand Palais) Paris. 1993
  • Exposition d’Été. Decize. 1992

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