55 Sublime Oil & Pastel Paintings by American Figurative Ann Hanson


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Ann Hanson

Ann Hanson captures the heart and soul of the West in her paintings. She wants you to feel like you have been there and can reach out and grab the moment. Hanson paints with oils and pastels and is noted for her very realistic and highly detailed paintings.

“I love capturing the subtleties of day to day life and portraying the small snippets that look into the lives and hearts of my friends and neighbors.”
“I’m having a great time doing what I love. I feel truly blessed”.

Art critic Brian Sherwin, Editor of The Art Edge, commented on artist Ann Hanson’s work, stating,

“Ann Hanson is skilled at establishing an open narrative with her paintings. In a sense, she provides the viewer with a moment caught in time… but she does not solidify a specific event — allowing the viewer to ‘fill in the gaps’ with his or her imagination.”

Artist Ann Hanson captures the heart and soul of the West in her highly detailed paintings. Her fantastic oil paintings provide viewers with a moment caught in time — capturing ongoing traditions that are ‘rooted’ in history.

Concerning her paintings, artist Ann Hanson stated, “The people and scenes I paint are my friends, family and neighbors doing what they do every day. The ‘Wild West’ may be a thing of the past, but cowboys are alive and well here.”


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