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Artist Leszek Sokol

The Unique Paintings by Leszek SOKÓŁ

Leszek Sokol was born in Warsaw, Poland where he still resides today. Leszek Sokol has been a professional artist for 30 years. He graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts where he focused on interior design and graphic art. His passion for painting, however, eventually overruled his other artistic interests.

His voyage of discovery of his own personal creative path has always been inspired by paintings from the European artists of the 14th to 17th centuries. His fascination with the 17th century paintings of the Dutch masters led him initially to paint still life compositions in the Dutch style.

However, his constant study of the techniques of the old masters in general, led him more recent years to become completely entranced with the figurative works of the early Italian Renaissance, the influence of which can so readily be seen in this current body work.

Leszek Sokol’s Paintings Artistic Style

His paintings are characterized by asymmetrical compositions, elongated figures, and a simple but monumental use of line. With a palette of richest, color-drenched burgundies, gold, greens and russets, Sokol places his elongated figures in surreal, enchanted landscapes that are physical interpretations of a dream world.

His immediately recognizable figures float, fly, swing, and dance-carefree embodiment of emotions and desires in a joyous, magical, romantic world. The paintings encourage the viewer to return to, and make the most of, playful, unburdened, lighthearted times when laughter, love, and affection rule.

In attempting to define his work, the artist refers to his paintings as “metaphysical realism“. In various reviews and publications, the works have been described as “highly intellectual and philosophical”; “brightened by an invisible source of light”; and “containing subjects of a deliciously distorted perspective”.

In 2005, Sokol receive a significant grant from Poland’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Since 1985, Leszek Sokol has been honored with 10 solo exhibitions in Poland, Germany, USA and has been represented in more than 30 group shows in museums, arts institutions and galleries throughout Poland, Germany, Italy, France, USA and Japan. In recent years Sokol has established an enthusiastic base of collectors through The Miller Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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