Wael Nour

Wael Nour is an Egyptian artist, born in April 1979, who lives in Luxor. He is specialised in classical watercolour painting.

Wael studied under the late artist Bekhet Farag, one of the pioneers in watercoloring in Egypt and the Arab world, and graduated from the Faculty of Art Education at the University of Assiut in 1999.

He held 6 solo exhibitions in Belgium, Luxor, Cairo and Assiut and participated in many group exhibitions and art symposiums, for example in Italy, Cairo, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor and Port Said.

Wael is always keen on imparting his knowledge to the younger generations by holding painting technique workshops in many governorates on a regular basis.

Wael Nour’s work can be considered as an accurate documentation of place and time – but a documentation that is free from boredom or banality. He always intends to show the beauty of Egypt’s rural and urban scenery highlighting and emphasizing it.

Egyptian Artist Wael Nour Watercolor Painting
Egyptian Artist Wael Nour Watercolor Painting

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You rarely see people in his works, especially in his old works, but you always feel the human impact in nature, even if you don’t see it. Sometimes the places in his watercolours seem to be deserted, however, on closer inspection, they are full of life.

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