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Stephen Carroll
Stephen is a full-time fine art photographer who works with amateur models to create images which tell a story and carry an emotional impact. Though his academic background in philosophy and art history often shows up in his work, his love of cinema is probably the most visible influence in his high-contrast low-saturation often edgy narrative style.

Recurring themes in his work include male/female gender roles, couple and family relationships, the voyeuristic nature of photography, art as a mirror of the soul, interior vs. exterior, and water as a metaphor for the dissolving power of emotion. Though you will find an occasional barren foggy landscape in his portfolio, most of his images include one or more person, however small, since his main goal is to address the nature of our human condition… and to end up on the cover of a few books which do the same.

After living in New Orleans, Chicago and Bordeaux, Stephen returned to his roots in rural Virginia (west of Washington, DC) first to build custom homes, then to write short fiction, now to construct fictional photographic tableaux.

Apart from some technical classes, particularly lighting, Stephen is essentially self-taught in what matters most, the art of photography.

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Stephen Carroll Foto Fiction

For me photography is a psychological journey, looking outside to understand what’s inside. These are some of my first images. For the moment I am using this blog to experiment with different styles of text-image relationship with the goal of publishing a fictional photographic narrative similar to Bettina Rheims’ “Chambre Close”. Victor is my fictional alter-ego voyeur-photographer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Contact me if you want to do a photo-shoot in the N. VA or Winchester areas. I’m looking for regular people to star in the cinematic stories I set up. You’ll get lots of creative pix in return and maybe even end up on the cover of a best seller ;). All the details about how it works are in my “notes” section.

Most of my images are for license for book covers at Trevillion Images or Arcangel Images. If interested, email me here, or come chat @ FotoFiction on Facebook.
Currently, Stephen is living in Reston, Virginia, United States. Our favorite link to American Photographer Stephen Carroll is on Flickr

Some Commentary Critics on Stephen Carroll Photography:

William Charles Cross says:
I was immediately drawn to Stephen’s images, there is a depth here, a meaningful combination of the artistic eye, advanced technique, and a willingness to embrace “the voyeur” that adds a sense of excitement to strolling through the pages. No matter the approach he uses, there is a sense of reverence and respect for his subject. This is a true artist creating a unique vision as he goes. Bravo, Stephen. Keep them coming.

bianca van der werf says:
I just received your Blurb-book today. Your work is sooo cinematic indeed. It gives you thrills to think about. Every picture is a little story on it’s own. A true gem! Thank you for showing your wonderful and creative skills here.

Vanesa Muñoz says:
Not often does one stumble upon work that creates such strong reactions as does Stephen’s. There is so much feeling, so much passion, so much depth, meaning and beauty to be admired on this stream, that I often just sit here and stare in silence, trying to catch my breath.

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Stephen’s art is like music for the soul. He has a brilliant mind, and he executes his concepts in the most beautiful way.
He has quickly become one of my favorite photographers and I am always looking forward to his next upload.

Luis Montemayor says:
He is not just a great photographer, he is also a great storyteller, each of his photos tell a story.

Tom Reyns says:
Stephen has produced incredible work and I must admit he is a big inspirational source for me. The way he creates an atmosphere in his photographs is truly amazing. Keep up the fantastic work, Stephen. I hope to see more from you in the future!

Ill-fated Winter
I really like Stephen’s photography. Maybe because his work is the more difficult, calm, melancholic expression of beauty or reality whatsoever – something I can really relate to.
Sometimes you can really find yourself staring “into” the photos and feel like you are at the place of the photograph, other times the photo feels like an old memory you have. One way or the other, it is always a nice experience full of many different emotions.

lucyuncu says:
Your photos are great and inspire me to be better. Thanks for all your help.

WOoArts Critic:

I was hooked after I found one shot by Stephen Carroll, and I was certain of the creative photographer behind his shot, I decided to research it more, for sure I found his links on Flickr and Facebook. Immediately, I contacted him to be featured here on WOoArts. He was generously responded and agreed.

A week later, at a weekend I browsed through hundreds of great shots, each photograph carries a full story. Stephen was able to translate the written words in a book or novel, to a one photograph. I haven’t read any of the books or the subjects where his photos about, but I read briefly about what was the photo regard.

  Kurt Wenner

Stephen Carroll Photography In few words: Storyteller, Deep Meaning, Understand his camera, Scene Director, and great model picker.

Kal Elsehsah