Sergiy Lysyy

Sergiy Lysyy was born in Odessa region, Ukraine in 1971. Since 2011 he lives in Klaipeda, Lithuania and he paints a lot as it is his great passion and always tries to participate in different meetings, conferences, biennials and exhibitions. He loves to paint the cityscape sceneries, and may add your city views paintings to diverse the exhibition.

Education: 1995 – studding in Odessa University of Art, graphic department

1. -TOP 20 ONLINE WATERCOLOR ART CONTEST RESULT 2015 –of the 5th Annual IWS Contest “Homer Love and Peace Through art Watercolor Festival”
2. plenair winner of the 5th Annual IWS Contest “Homer Love and Peace Through art Watercolor Festival”
3. 2016/07/ 5-25 the people choice awards “1ST IWS INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOUR BIENNALE IN VANCOUVER 2016“
4. 2015 exhibition in International Artist Grand Prize Competition with Art Revolution Taipei.
5. 2015 exhibition in Shenzhen International watercolour Biennial
2014-2017 – 9 personal exhibitions in Lithuania
2014, 2016 international exhibition in “6 Salon International d Aquarelle de Rochemaure”, Rochemaur, France.
25-30 oct 2016 exhibition “Meet in Shanghai” International watercolour exhibition in Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum.


A few years ago from Ukraine Sergiy Łysy watercolourists arrived like a whirlwind entered the ranks of artists of Klaipeda. A talented artist quickly captured the port city manding arts fans.

S.Lysyy works the main motive – urban and natural objects. Traditional pure wet watercolor technique, professionally and with attachment to enshrine the author, allows you to create a unique artistic view of the world, full of feeling and expression of light. Daring color combinations, lively strokes, skillfully managed watercolor typical leaks, randomness.

Consistent trip mastering watercolor technique fancies reveals the artist’s words: “I like myself watercolor casting process and inexhaustible technical possibilities. In his works, trying to capture the moments of sentiment, a condition that turns my small emerging stories.”

In today’s art world, some works massively used computer and other modern technology, this kind of exhibition is becoming a rarity. This is especially true of the watercolor technique, as it requires a very strong skills, concentration and devotion to the creative process.

S.Lysyy was born and raised in Odessa, studied artistic schedule Odessa Pedagogical Institute. A few years ago the artist came to live in Klaipeda. During that time held several solo exhibitions in Klaipeda, actively participates in group exhibitions, symposiums in Lithuania and abroad: International Watercolor Biennial in France, Italy, India, the US, Belgium, Slovenia and others. Taiwan ”