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Romel de la Torre Painting

Artist Romel de la Torre’s Statement

“I find spiritual beauty in all the things that I paint. The innocence of a child’s face, the silent glow of a candle, the sight of dappled lights on the ground, the smell of flowers in the garden, the ever-changing colors of Nature.. these give joy in my heart, inspiration, and gratitude… of being an artist.”

About Artist Romel de la Torre

Born in the Philippines in a community of artists, Romel de la Torre’s artistic interest started at a very young age. With the encouragement of his parents he began sketching the world around him. Romel and his family migrated to the United States where he began going to museums studying and learning on his own; works of famous artists like Sargent, Sorolla, Fechin, Mucha, and the American Impressionists. The exposure to these masters’ paintings laid a strong foundation to his belief of what great art is.

Artist Romel de la Torre Education

He attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he was awarded the President’s Foundation Award and the Union League Scholarship Award. After graduating with a fine arts concentration, Romel continued to paint in the Chicago area and joined The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, where he began studying with nationally renowned artist Richard Schmid and painting with other painters. It was a turning point of his creative and artistic career.


The artist has been painting full time and currently instructs painting and portraiture at his studio. As well as teaching workshops around the country. Indeed, he is represented by several galleries and his oils, pastels, watercolors, and portraits are housed in private collections throughout United States and several foreign countries.

In addition, his paintings have been featured in The Artists Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, U.S. Art Magazine, The American Art Collectors Magazine and more recently the Art of the West Magazine. His paintings also are included in private collections throughout the United States.

Artist Romel de la Torre Awards

Among his most important honors:

  • Oil Painters of America National Exhibition – Grand Prize
  • Artists Magazine Portrait Artist of the Year.
  • Raymar Fine Arts Competition Award
  • Greenhouse Gallery’s Salon International Award
  • OPA Award of Excellence
  • Gold Medal & the People’s Choice Award from the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts Gold Medal show
  • Twice one of the top finalist in the International Portrait Competition given by the prestigious Portrait Society of America.

Magnificently Mesmerizing

By Vicki Stavig Featured in 2016 May/June Issue

Romel de la Torre won his first art award at the tender age of 10. Although his parents had supported his interest in art—encouraging him to draw and sketch the world around him—it wasn’t until he appeared on a local TV program to receive his award that they began to think, “Maybe he’s got a talent here.”



“When I first saw Romel paint a demo I actually rubbed my eyes, I could not believe the magic that was appearing on the canvas right in front of me. His workshop was full of practical demonstrations and he spent time working with everyone of us. I’ve since been in 5 Romel de la Torre workshops and counting!! I knew immediately on that first day, this is the master I must study under.”

Tina Garrett, Fine artist & Art instructor (Missouri)

“After taking Romel’s workshop, my paintings have greatly improved! He is a great teacher who is able to tailor his instruction to the ability level of his students! Romel is kind and patient and gives his students lots of individual attention!”

Joan Iatesta Smith, Artist & H.S. Art Teacher (Arizona)

“I have learned most of what I know about painting from Romel. His work is very inspiring – full of luscious color & elegant design – from which his students can learn a great deal. As a teacher, Romel is patient, calm & insightful, with an incredible knowledge base. If a question comes up about a type of painting, style or subject matter, he can either demonstrate the answer himself or find a photo reference. I can see a huge improvement in the quality of my work while working with Romel.

Anna Toberman, Fine artist (IL)

“I’ve taken several workshops over the years with Romel, each one proving better than the last. His classical approach to color is pure genius and he makes it easy to learn at any level. I’m so glad he was one of my first instructors, his teachings have actually stuck with me!”

Donna Colleran, Portrait artist (Pennsylvania)

“No one who sees Romel’s exquisite paintings can ever forget them.. romantic in the best sense of the word, with a modern sensibility that touches that place in our heart that seeks solace in beauty in all of its forms. And of course, his ability to paint in front of a crowd is almost magical..”

Susan J. Foster, Fine artist (Florida)

“Romel is not only a master painter but in his workshops and classes skillfully guides each painter to solve their individual problems. In his demo’s he discusses techniques such as edges and leading the viewer thru the painting while including discussions on color temperature. I highly recommend studying with Romel.”

Cathy Barry, Artist & Art instructor (IL)

“Romel’s classes and workshops really upgraded my painting skills. In addition to being a fantastic artist, he is a patient and effective teacher. He enhanced my art career in many ways.”

Joseph M. Luby, Fine artist & Publisher (IL)

“I have known Romel for many years and attended all of his workshops here in Sarasota. His talent, painting skills, teaching & the results he achieves with his paintings rank him among the best artist of today… he’s a mentor and always referred him to my students as someone to study and to follow.”

Jon Greeley, Fine artist (Florida)

“Romel has been the key to my progression in my painting technique as well as my artistic expression. His paintings speak to my soul. I have learned a lot from Romel about color, values, design and more but one thing that he was relentless about was drawing. He always made sure that I had the drawing and placements correct before I began to paint. I have enjoyed all his workshops and classes and I never tire of watching him draw and paint as I refer to it as sculpting on paper or canvas. Thank you Romel for inspiring me just as much as guiding and spurring me on to paint.”

Carmen Zouras, Artist (Wisconsin)

“I am totally in awe of Romel’s artistic talent. At lessons & workshops I can tell my personal experience is of focusing so much in the beginning that I can not relax. But, Romel’s special way of teaching – to explain & demo – made me comfortable to try to learn how to think and approach the canvas with knowledge. He makes me feel that we are in the same journey together, not just teacher & student. Romel is a ‘living Master’. Never be foolish & pass an opportunity to experience his lessons & workshops.

Jerell Meyer, Northlight Art Studio (IL)

“Attending Romel’s workshops, I found his keen eye and generous teaching style opened a whole new experience of art, helping me grow with every painting. In his studio classes, students have an in-depth opportunity to explore their individual unique style with Romel’s guidance. To see a painting by Romel is inspirational, and to be taught by him is a gift.”

Diane McDonald, Artist (IL)

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