Richard Tiejun Chao

Richard Chao (Tiejun Chao) A teacher of Fine Art, a cartoonist, a designer, no matter what titles used to be, the best description of Richard Chao (known as Tiejun Chao by his Chinese name), however, is a born artist. Richard is a Chinese artist living in Sydney, Australia. Born in a family of artis- tic atmosphere in 1972, Richard initiated drawing when he was only a 5-year old boy. Inheriting his grandfather, who was an artist in 1930’s China, Rich- ard’s talent turned up at very young age. After he consecutively finished his study in Xi’an Fine Arts College, Xi’an Fine Arts Academy, and finally obtained his Master of Art in Xi’an Jiaotong University, he was well-prepared to be a professional artist. However, being an artist is not a paved way for Richard. He used to be a teacher of fine arts for 9 years in a Chinese university and had worked as a cartoonist and a graphic designer in a Chinese newspaper for 13 years. During this period Richard had produced lots of oil painting works. It is after his settle down in Sydney in 2013, that Richard began to focus on watercolor. Richard is an enthusiastic watercolorist with very keen sense at colors, which was initially fully reflected in his oil paintings. He also stands out for his high techniques applied in oil paintings and watercolor paintings, espe- cially in portraits. He vividly captures the characteristics and nature of his subjects. His paintings not only witness his exquisite techniques and coloring skills, but also the deep influence of classical art upon him. What drives him to paint with watercolor is an FAQ. Transparent watercolor is a material that is truly difficult to control. What is exciting for him is to apply quasi-super-realistic technique to experiment the possibility of watercolor in depicting the subject’s innermost being. Since Richard started focusing on watercolor painting, his works have won him international reputation. 2016 and 2017 are fruitful years for Richard. “The Art of Watercolor” Issue 26 reports him and introduces his painting on 6 full pages, being entitled “Richard Chao—Understanding Our Uniqueness”; in addition, “Looking into the Sky” was selected the cover painting of Issue 26. He has very good performance in international exhibitions. “Street Drummer” wins him the 2rd Place in IWS Indian 2017 Biennale online contest; “Tibetan Sun- shine” wins him the 2rd Place in IWS Ecuador 2017 Biennale; “A Wrestler King’s Roaring after His Victory” makes him top 10 Portrait Artist in the 2nd Tirana International Watercolor Biennale; “In the Burning Sun” wins him Merit Award in The 8th Continental Watercolor Art Hwa-yang Award. He is very active in the international watercolor arena and is constantly selected as finalists in a number of international exhibitions in 2016.